Social Opportunities

Social Opportunities Summer activities that won’t break the bank

Easy on your wallet:

Social Opportunities Best cheap eats near the Humber International Graduate School campus

A wallet-friendly guide:

Social Opportunities 5 exciting volunteer opportunities in Toronto this summer

The summer of giving back! As we enjoy the peak of summer, there’s a lot to be grateful for and there’s no better way to show thankfulness than volunteering. We’ve…

main posts 5 ways to enjoy your summer at Humber Arboretum

Chillaxing on campus:

Social Opportunities 5 Toronto neighbourhoods that will take you around the world

Discover Toronto's hidden treasures

Social Opportunities 5 camping trips for an unforgettable summer

Ready, set, tent! As the leaves begin to unfurl and the tulips peek out, it’s officially time to start making summer plans. If this is the summer you feel like…

Social Opportunities A sneak peek into your peers' summer plans

Sunshine Whispers

Social Opportunities How to join a community garden near you

Project plant parent, activate:

Social Opportunities Fashion forecast for the summer

Fashion trends you can't resist!

Social Opportunities 5 series you need to watch this summer

Summer just got way more interesting

Social Opportunities 5 patios you cannot miss this summer

Let the good times flow! While spells of snow and sub-zero temperatures might try to convince us otherwise, I refuse to be swayed – SUMMER IS HERE! With that undeniable…

Social Opportunities Refresh your summer playlist with these must-listen bangers

Let’s set the tone for an exciting summer! The carefree season of summer is right around the corner. I know, I’m excited, too! The sun has finally come out, the…

Social Opportunities Grad photos: Brendan's experience

Let's hear about Brendan's experience

Social Opportunities Must-do summer activities in Toronto

Is this your first summer in the city?

Social Opportunities Concerts you don't want to miss this summer

Nothing beats live music!

Social Opportunities Top moments from IGNITE's 2024 winter semester


Social Opportunities How IGNITE can enhance your campus life

We’re here to make your post-secondary experience the best it can be It is only now a couple of days until I graduate. After all the assignments were wrapped up,…

Social Opportunities Authentic Toronto restaurants to take you around the world

Have a taste of the globe

Social Opportunities 8 things you CANNOT miss at Hype Hall this year

We’re back! As we creep closer to May (after the little hiccup presented by finals, of course), the hype for summer is REAL! I, for one, am absolutely thrilled at…

Social Opportunities How to prepare for Hype Hall

Loads of fun, giveaways and food

Social Opportunities Food festivals to attend this Spring

Delicious eats you don't wanna miss!

Social Opportunities I went to Japan for a research project and here's how it went

An experience I will never forget. We have talked about how to make the most out of your post-secondary experience, and there are reasons behind it. Sometimes, small efforts can…

Social Opportunities Books I can't wait to read this semester

“A book is a gift you can open again and again.” Garrison Keillor As the weather warms up, it’s a great time to dive into some good books. Whether you…

Social Opportunities 5 library services you might not know about

Uncover some services you didn’t know you needed When we talk about the library, it doesn’t quite scream excitement. But sometimes, the library can be more than a place to…

Social Opportunities What it's like celebrating Lunar New Year at Humber

A night of traditional celebration, food and lots of fun. We understand that it’s not always easy to study abroad. Aside from leaving your friends, family, and familiar surroundings, you…

Social Opportunities How to make the most out of Family Day

Create one-of-a-kind and unforgettable memories

Social Opportunities The ultimate playlist to start off the semester

Let the rhythms guide your academic journey through highs and lows As we settle into the new semester and the new year, it’s the perfect time for a refresh and…

Social Opportunities Quiz: What kind of friend are you?

Take the quiz and find out!

Social Opportunities Funniest grad photos we found on the Internet

Say cheese. you made it!

Social Opportunities Mariah the Scientist and her musical journey

From university to the music industry

Social Opportunities Quiz: Which horror movie are you?

Unlock Your Dark Side

Social Opportunities 5 childhood cartoons you might have forgotten

From the archives

Social Opportunities Black-owned restaurants in Toronto that are worth visiting

Savour delicious eats right in the city

Social Opportunities Photos you must take during your time on campus

Say cheese!

Social Opportunities The Humber yellow pages 

We are all aware of how daunting it can be to not know who to reach out to when in need, especially if you’re an international student still figuring out your way around Toronto and Humber.

Social Opportunities Quiz: Which Rich the Kid or Mariah the Scientist song are you?

Take this quiz to find out

Social Opportunities 6 study spots to visit this summer

Studying doesn't have to be boring!

Social Opportunities Capture the moments by creating content this summer

And action!

Social Opportunities Here is your ultimate summer playlist

Get your groove in

Social Opportunities Beaches to crash this summer

Get your daily dose of vitamin sea!

Social Opportunities I challenged myself to cook with only my pantry items

Here’s what I learned!

Social Opportunities Let's Talk: TikTokers

TikTok but make it educational.

Social Opportunities 5 facts about the Guelph-Humber Plant Wall

You need to visit this amazing wall!

Social Opportunities Summer bucket list

Summer is a compilation of all the best memories. It's the reason behind those smiles you flaunt when you remember a laughing session you shared with your friends on a sunny beach.

Social Opportunities Hype Hall is back!

Fits, friends, and loads of fun!

Social Opportunities How to have the best spring picnic

Take a break and enjoy the spring weather with a picnic!

Social Opportunities How to stock up on pre-graduation memories

Before you toss those hats, grab some memories

Social Opportunities 6 harmless pranks you can pull this April fools' day

Happy April Fools!

Social Opportunities Alek Manoah talks routines, motivation and success

Learn more about the Toronto Blue Jays pitcher!

Social Opportunities 6 Humber Arboretum gardens to check out this spring

Put away the winter coats, it's time for spring.

Social Opportunities Quiz: Which Real Talks guest are you?

Learn more about these all-star athletes coming to Real Talks!

Social Opportunities 4 ways to make friends without feeling socially awkward

It's time to socialize

Social Opportunities 7 places and services on campus you didn't know existed

Make the most of your student experience

Social Opportunities Food spots you should try on campus

Students share their favourite places to have a bite

Social Opportunities 6 festive events to attend in Toronto this holiday season

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Social Opportunities Planning a gap year: what to consider before taking your time off

Travel, work, volunteer, or just take some time to figure out what you want.

Social Opportunities Budget Halloween outfits that won't make your wallet cry

Halloween ready yet?

Social Opportunities Friend or partner: How to tell if they are the one for you?

Pay attention, they are near you!

Social Opportunities New friends: ways to get to know them better

A new friendship bond!

Social Opportunities 15 acronyms you might not know but should

There's no escaping them

Social Opportunities Best friends: students share how they met each other

Stories to cherish forever!

Social Opportunities We envy these 5 fictional friendships

We all wished we had friends like these

Social Opportunities Top music festival looks to inspire your Frosh 2022 outfit

Get inspired.

Social Opportunities Music videos you didn't know were filmed in Toronto

And iconic spots!

Social Opportunities Your guide to going to the cottage for the first time

Lather up in sunscreen, it's time to relax!

Social Opportunities 5 things students need to do before leaving their hometown for post-secondary

It's time to say goodbye...for now.

Social Opportunities The best solo and group brain games you have to play

We're ready!

Social Opportunities Classic movies you didn't know were adapted from books

The more you know the better!

Social Opportunities 3 morning routines to relax, refresh and reset

Routine game on point.

Social Opportunities 6 life lessons we can learn from graphic novels

A whole new world to explore.

Social Opportunities How to enjoy your next night out on a student budget

It's possible!

Social Opportunities Multicultural desserts from the GTA to cool you off this summer

Ice, ice baby.

Social Opportunities Here's your guide to these fantastic provincial parks

It's your chance to experience provincial parks across Ontario!

Social Opportunities 8 gadgets and apps you need for your next road trip

Hit the road with ease

Social Opportunities Discover your new hobby by trying these 6 GTA drop-in classes

You don't know if you don't try!

Social Opportunities 7 summer activities you can try for next to nothing

Humber Arb.

Social Opportunities Local places to visit in between your summer studies

Take a break from classes to explore!

Social Opportunities 10 graduation gifts your friends will actually use

An avocado...thaaanks.

Social Opportunities Simple tricks to turn your pyjamas into daywear

It’s fast, it’s simple, and it’s efficient.

Social Opportunities 6 Canadian cities to consider after graduation

Looking for a fresh start after graduation? Check these out!

Social Opportunities Here are IGNITE's top artists coming to Toronto this summer

Live music is back!

Social Opportunities Shows and movies inspired by real-life to add to your summer watchlist

It’s time to relax and stream the best shows and movies! We all love a drama-filled series you can binge-watch in a day or a movie that really makes you…

Social Opportunities 8 soothing video games to play during your study breaks

Farming, building and goose simulators.

Social Opportunities Literally just 7 cool desk set-ups that will inspire you to study

Plus, desk accessories!

Social Opportunities How IGNITE events can help you live your best life

You only live once, so make the most of it!

Social Opportunities Here are IGNITE's favourite non-lofi music to relax or study to

Lofi isn't the only music you can relax to.

Social Opportunities 7 shows on Netflix that make us believe in love again

Break out the chocolate to binge watch!

Social Opportunities Toronto is the best city to be a student in — here's why

Number 1 for a reason.

Social Opportunities 6 Aminé lyrics that perfectly describe what it's like to be a student

Even superstars can be relatable.

Social Opportunities Students share the best local place to get their favourite meal

Good food, good mood.

Social Opportunities Here's the meme that defined each month of 2021


Social Opportunities Humber College Esports (HCE): Opportunity, community, passion

...and a whole lotta gaming.

Social Opportunities 2 Chainz on following your dreams and exceeding expectations

“I can value anybody that puts in hard work.”

Social Opportunities Students share what they're most excited about this semester

So much to look forward to.

Social Opportunities Why do we stop making new friends as adults?

You're not alone in feeling alone.

Social Opportunities The 6 Most Expensivest items 2 Chainz has ever tried

How can frozen water be $1000?

Social Opportunities QUIZ: Which houseplant is right for you?

Creating an indoor oasis.

Social Opportunities 5 playlists to have for any aux situation

Pass the aux cord, I've got this.

Social Opportunities 6 thoughts that go through every students' mind when the semester is ending

Almost at the finish line!

Social Opportunities Swae Lee on versatility, collabs and making it big

An unforgettable night with an unforgettable artist.

Social Opportunities Fun ways to take a break from your computer screen

It’s time to power down and recharge.

Social Opportunities The top Daniel Caesar songs to get you in the feels

Headphones on, problems gone.

Social Opportunities How to celebrate the end of your semester in style

School's out, scream and shout!

Social Opportunities The best celebrity pranks of all time

How did we fall for that one?!

Social Opportunities Top 5 Toronto thrift stores for students on a budget

Thrift the look for less.

Social Opportunities Hidden gem coffee shops around Lakeshore Campus

Stir up your daily grind.

Social Opportunities 5 dog-friendly places in Toronto to check out with your best friend

It's a dog's world.

Social Opportunities 5 tasty meals from 5 different countries to try this week

Say goodbye to overpriced caf food.

Social Opportunities Frost 2019: Interview with DC Young Fly

DC Young Fly brings the LOLs to IGNITE.

Social Opportunities IGNITE Halloween Party 2018 Recap

Re-live Halloween.

Social Opportunities 6 awesome activities you can do for FREE between classes

The perks of being a student.

Social Opportunities Frosh Interviews: Smokepurpp & MadeinTYO

Smokepurpp and MadeinTYO spill all things music, careers, and life in general.

Social Opportunities The funniest Hasan Minhaj moments

Check out the most funniest Hasan Minhaj moments!

Social Opportunities IGNITE asks students how they're spending their winter break

The holidays are all about fun, family, friends, and sleep. Lots of sleep.

Social Opportunities 7 ways to kill time in-between classes at Humber and Guelph-Humber

Here are some fun ways to kill time in-between classes on campus.

Social Opportunities IGNITE Frosh 2017 Recap

Take a look at our video of FROSH 2017

Social Opportunities Frosh 2017: Interview with Lil Yachty

From facing rejection, to college and staying true to yourself, we got to hear what Lil Yachty had to say.

Social Opportunities Catching up with Caked Up: Frosh 2017

From smashing EDM misconceptions to having barrier free relationships with fans, Caked Up opens up to IGNITE

Social Opportunities Brett Dalton Interview pt. 1

Brett Dalton is one of Hollywood’s most promising young actors, and he also happened to be IGNITE Comic Expo’s special guest this year! Brett is well known for his starring…

Social Opportunities IGNITE Frosh Recap

Relive highlights from your IGNITE Frosh 2016!

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