Cool desk set-ups for every type of person

Thinking that your study space feels bland and generic as we head into finals season? Your desk is where you spend the most time writing notes, reading textbooks and preparing for exams.

It’s gotta be comfortable and made uniquely for you. Your space should energize your study routine and motivate you. So, here are some cool desk set-ups that will inspire you to study.

1. For plant lovers

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Cool vibes with lots of plants to make your own little green space around your desk.

Hunker down and focus on your work, keep a water bottle on your desk and a mister for the plants. Water them during your study breaks! You can also play some rainforest sounds in the background during your calm study sessions.

Just don’t get sleepy—we see that pillow against the chair headrest!

2. For minimalists

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Need to be in a bright, clean space to start the day? This simple set-up is channeling some minimalist energy and the pegboard on the side helps clear clutter.

Something about this neutral colour scheme just works great as well—it makes us feel like a professional in the field already, with a classy desk set-up in the office.

Hopefully, that thought makes you put in those extra study hours.

Plus, the scrabble sign in the back is a creative way to have a new saying every day! Or, have a word that’ll keep you motivated to power through your homework.

Get that bread? GOAT? Future doctor?

We only wish we’d thought of it first.

3. For gamers

This set-up is for studying…right?

This awesome set-up is pretty nice for studying and of course, gaming in your free time. Dual-purpose. This D-board back piece gives you plenty of options for different desk set-ups. It’s customizable for different types of shelf space without taking up too much room.

Set up your space how you want it. Add shelves on either side or layer shelves to create a pseudo filing cabinet for each course. Not a fan of the entire desk? You can also install a peg board or wall grid with hooks and bin accessories behind your existing desk.

And those nifty lights! Hexagon lights are a well loved gadget with the ability to be taken apart, rearranged and mounted on various surfaces.

4. For vision boards enthusiasts

Here’s a set-up for that person that loves colour, personalization and magazine clippings. There’s a cork board full of images, quotes, and pages straight out of books. Fill this cork board with your goals, reminders for your classes and things that inspire you!

The Shia Labeouf just do it meme, a list of songs that remind you to kick butt during exams or perhaps Elle Woods studying for the LSAT. We won’t judge.

Not to mention the organizational tray in front of the monitor and a cup for pens. This is the best way to keep writing utensils from disappearing into the void (we never know where they go).

A smaller wifi keyboard also gives you more space to work on the desk. Everything has its own place in this set-up.

5. For ambience lovers

This set-up might look plain during the day, but it’s optimized to have a lot of work space.

If you prefer to lay out all your textbooks and reference your notes as you study, this could be the set-up for you. Knicknacks are cool but it can be frustrating to constantly push them aside to make more room for your binder.

Cleaning up your desk at the end of the day and having a clear space to work in the morning can also boost motivation. Rather than having to spend time cleaning before you can even start studying.

The real motivator in this set-up are the funky backlit LED light strips for some evening studying! It’s the perfect ambience that won’t hurt your eyes.

Extra points that the colour scheme matches the desktop screen saver. Plus, this dim light won’t inform your roommates that you’re still up at 2 a.m.

6. For the chaotically organized

There’s a lot to like about this set-up, it’s definitely busier, but everything is still aesthetically organized. From the book shelf in the back to the tray for highlighters and a neat 3D digital clock light.

Not to mention, we love the use of laptop and tablet stands to elevate the screens. Have your etextbooks and notes available on your tablet, while you work on your laptop.

Plus, these stands save space in a smaller study area and prevent some uncomfortable back pain.

It really channels some busy, on-the-go energy that can make us feel fulfilled after a long day of hard work. Who doesn’t like a productive day?

7. For CD collectors


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The first thing that catches our eye has to be the portable CD player mounted on the wall. Old school vibes. And, it gives you a chance to show off the art on the CD—we never really did get to see the CD when it was inside a machine.

This set-up is great for music lovers and those that refuse to throw out their CD collection. But, if you just like the aesthetic, you can always play your Spotify study playlist.

And seriously, if you use your laptop on a stand consider getting a comfortable mouse and mousepad. It’ll save your wrist from reaching for the trackpad at an awkward angle.

Which is these desk set-ups was your favourite?

Cartoon owl with a scholar's cap and pointing stick with a sign that says "You've got this!!"

A comfortable space with good vibes will hopefully keep you on the right track this exam season. Consider a set-up that is practical, organized and makes you feel relaxed. You’ll find some great inspiration for desk set-ups on Instagram and Pinterest!

We study the best when we’re comfortable in our environment. Whether that be with a good chair, a stand to keep our laptop screen at eye-level or some lo-fi beats in the background.

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