Seeing is believing

In life, it’s normal to feel nervous sometimes, especially before important events like job interviews and final exams. Being in that situation, we tend to imagine all the things that might go wrong which can make us feel even more desperate. And, continuously thinking about the worst might even be the reason why it goes wrong.

But have you wondered what would happen if you think more positively?

This is how visualization can actually help you achieve your goals!

What does visualization even mean?

a girl holding flowers practicing visualization


Simply put, visualization is like the word they usually say on TikTok “manifesting”, which imagining a positive outcome and it ends up happening.

When we visualize our desired results, we are opening a door to the potential of actually making it happen. As a result, we are motivated and prepared to take actions to pursue the objectives.

What the science says


Visualization may sound unreal, but it is actually neuroscience. According to the research, neurons in our brain can not differentiate between real-life memory and mental imagery. This means that when you visualize an imagined act, your brain will likely record it as a real memory.

This paves the way to convince the mind into thinking that a positive events are something you’ve “already experienced” (mentally). Not only will the feeling of fear and anxiety reduce, but also you will find yourself well-equipped and confident to navigate the situation.

Real-life evidence


You will be surprised about how many famous people in various fields have employed this method successfully.

In sports, the notable swimmer Michael Phelps is one of the people that uses this method as his winning strategy. According to a 2016 Forbes interview, Olympic swimming coach Bob Bowman mentioned that one month before a race, he would always get into a relaxed state. “Michael sees himself winning. He smells the air, tastes the water, hears the sounds, sees the clock,” the coach said.

In arts, Jim Carrey has been using this method since he was nobody. Following an interview with Oprah, Jim said that he would write a check of over $10 million to himself every night during the time when he wasn’t famous, yet. It so happened that three years later, he received exactly this amount for starring in Dumb and Dumber.

How to practice visualization

a boy wearing hat writing down goals for visualization


There are no fixed ways to practice visualization, as long as you can envision what you want to achieve. We suggest writing all your objectives down or creating a vision board.

The most common way to visualization is to write down your objectives. When you write, begin with “I” and something that you wish you had accomplished already or how you want to be, also make sure to use present tense. For example, “I have a publishing empire with 100 employees and 5 offices worldwide.”

Since our brain can not know the difference between what is already true and what is fiction, it will think that you already own that publishing empire and you’ll start acting accordingly, unconsciously.

a girl making a vision board for visualization


Another way of visualizing your goals is to create a vision board. In a nutshell, you grab a blank paper, then fill it with posters and images from magazines that paint the picture of where you want your life to be in a specific timeframe. Then, make sure to put it somewhere within your sights like in your room or your office so that you are regularly reminded of it.

Take action to achieve your dream right now


Visualization is a great way to help you stay motivated and focused on achieving your dreams. Let us know how it works for you!

Background photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash.

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