From alumni to current students

Life as a student is a lot to take in. Whether you are a returning or a first-year student, the back-to-school season is enough to make you feel anxious.

But we can calm these jitters through preparing ahead. There are certain ways to achieve a smooth post-secondary life and there’s no one better than those who actually walked in your shoes, not long ago, to tell you all the secrets.

Here are some suggestions and encouraging words, to live by, from Humber alumni to help you make the most of your college and university experience.

Andres Uribe

Diploma of Advertising & Graphic Design, class of 2023.

Andre smiling for the camera.
Andres Uribe. Photo credits: Instagram @andresfelipe.ur

“Take advantage of all the initiatives and activities happening both in class and on campus. As an international student, that helped me to build my own support network; it allowed me to meet friends and expand my social circles, while still having fun and engaging in an exciting cultural exchange.”

Kate Law

Certificate of Advertising – Account Management, class of 2023.

Kate posing for the camera
Kate Law. Photo credits: Instagram @alignment

“It might not be easy in the middle of the process, but you’ll know how worthy it is after you passed all the deadlines and finished all the work! Keep working hard and shine with your creativity.”

Nicoletta Aiudi

Diploma of Fashion Arts and Business, class of 2023.

Nicolette taking a selfie
Nicoletta Aiudi. Photo credits: Instagram @nicolettaaiudi

“Some graduation advice I would like to give the new students is to stay organized, talk to new people and have fun because your time at Humber goes by quickly,” Aiudi said.

“I like staying organized by writing everything down in my notes app and adding any important date onto my calendar so I can manage my time wisely. It’s super important to try and talk to at least one person in every class and connect with them virtually. I suggest doing this just in case you miss a class, you can get in contact with them and get filled in on anything important that you may have missed.”

Dornell Smith

Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting, class of 2023.

Dornell Smith. Photo credits: Instagram @dornz.Smithy_16

“My advice for new students would be to get involved and explore the different clubs and societies at the college. This will increase your network and experience at Humber.”

Gargi Joshi

Certificate of Project Management, class of 2023.

Gargi smiling at the camera
Gargi Joshi. Photo credits: Instagram @garjo07

“Don’t let the stress get to you; little treats on a difficult day usually calm me down. Celebrating small victories, like even submitting an assignment, is good enough to get through difficult days. It’s not going to be all sunshine every day, but snowy days aren’t as bad either.”

College life can be challenging, but sometimes, we just need some extra advice that things can go smoother. We hope that the alumni’s words stay with you and make your post-secondary life less challenging.

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