If you’re new to the school there are some insider secrets that we want to tell you about. It takes years to become an expert on everything happening on campus, but we want to give you a head-start with our list.

Here are our 9 best hidden tips and secrets to make you a campus master:

1. The Arboretum is actually really cool.

Humber Arboretum at North Campus
The arboretum is perfect for taking a stroll and burning off some stress. Take in the scenic vistas and visit some of the local ducks, turtles, and butterflies. Nature lovers are sure to have a great time in Humber North’s little slice of wilderness.

2. You don’t have to stand in that Tim Horton’s line at Lakeshore.

A steaming cup of coffee

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Timmy’s. There are tons of locations to get a variety of food on and off campus at Lakeshore, many of which sell coffee! Skip the chaotic line and try something new, you’ll be happy you did!

3. At North Campus it’s cheaper to park at the Queen’s Plate…but a lot further of a walk.

Two men hiking with backpacks

If you’re like me and hate paying $7 to park on campus every day…I have a solution. Pay $4 to park at the Queen’s plate. You’ll have to wait for a shuttle bus, or make the 15 minute walk down Highway 27, but either way saving $3 everyday on parking can be big in the long run.

Lakeshore has more parking options than North, and you can find several lots that charge a little less if you’re willing to look around the area.

4. You have a Health and Dental Plan

A dentist from The Simpson's TV cartoon series

Part of your tuition goes towards a Health and Dental plan. You can see a variety of heath and dental professionals (for free!), because that’s included in your tuition if you are a full-time student. We don’t just mean doctors and dentists, but also nutritionists, massage therapists, and more… Check out our list of five cool things you can get with your health plan!

5. IGNITE sometimes serves free lunches

Spongebob Squarepants character, Patrick Star, chewing food.

Do you like free food? Do you also like watching sports on Jumbo-trons? Well that’s good, because throughout the school year IGNITE free lunches events where you can kick back, relax, and eat while cheering on your favourite team. This past year, custom mac and cheese, wings, poutine, and samosas were just a few of the dishes available so keep your eyes peeled in the coming year! You’ll be able to find these and all other events on our Events page!

6. Lost and Found at the security desk

The Simpson TV series character, Homer Simpson, with magnifying glass

What once was lost may now be found! If you misplace something on campus, don’t fret, you might just find it at the Lost and Found. Where is the Lost and Found you ask? The Public Health & Safety Offices on both the North and Lakeshore campuses have a Lost and Found so make sure to check them out if you can’t find something.

7. There’s never any lines for the outdoor parking ticket machines if you can brave the cold

Game Thrones character, Jon Snow being hit by cold wind

Don’t you hate when you’ve had a long day and just want to get home and there’s a 50 person line for the parking ticket machines? No one likes to walk outside in the snow, but there are two machines outside in the parking lot of the North Campus that almost never have lines. So if you don’t mind walking in the snow, you’ll get home a lot quicker. The same goes for Lakeshore!

8. Media students can get the Adobe Creative Cloud for cheap

TV host, Jimmy Fallon, and Muppet character, Elmo, doing a dance

Programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop usually cost several hundred dollars. To rent the Creative Cloud with all of it programs, you can use your student number to get it cheaper. You can also get Lynda learning tutorials for free. If you’re a media student, these tools are perfect for improving your skill set.

9. IGNITE will do your taxes for you

The Muppets TV series character, Kermit the Frog, typing on a typewriter

If you aren’t quite sure how to do your taxes, come to IGNITE’s Tax Clinic or Workshop, where you can either get a trained professional to do them for you, or learn how to do them for yourself. You’re sure to impress your parents with your newfound accounting skills.


Find any of these tips helpful? Make sure to watch our video on the best pieces of advice from this year’s crop of graduating students!

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Don’t forget – your first year at Humber and Guelph-Humber will be really rewarding, especially if you get involved. Stay up-to-date with IGNITE’s many events, services, clubs, and volunteering opportunities. Also, look out for our Promotions Team around the school to participate in cool contests and get some great giveaways!