The phrase “work hard, play harder” is fitting for the IGNIITE Games Room.

If you’re ever in need of a break from the pressures of school work, exams, and assignments, this is the place for you. The Games Room can found at KX2101 (North) and in the K Lodge basement (Lakeshore). What can you expect to find in the Games Room?

Lakeshore: 4 pool tables, 1 Foosball table, 1 Wii, and 4 Xbox Ones

North: 4 pool tables, 1 Wii, and 8 Xbox Ones

We wanted to give you an inside look at our Games Rooms to show you what they’re all about. Here’s what some students had to say about their experience:

Montaque, Bussiness Admin, 1st year:

“The atmosphere amazing. I come here a lot so I know a lot of people here. They are friends. I always look forward to coming to the Games Room so I can hang out with friends.”

Johnoi Montaque taking a pool shot.

Allan Ruiz, Social Service Work, 1st year:

“All my friends in my program are here. This is where everyone hangs out. It’s an awesome option for us to relax while staying on campus.”

Allan Ruiz lining up to break during a game of pool

Mais Khalaf, Social Service Work, 1st year:

“It’s a good place for everyone to chill and meet people. It’s nice to relax during breaks between class and there are lots of activity options, so you never get bored. There’s pool, Foosball, and lots of video games.”

Mais Khalaf taking a shot in a game of pool

IGNITE has been operating the Games Rooms for a long time. As Kimberly Daniels, Services Coordinator – North said, “The games room has been at Humber since I started working for the student union 10 years ago. Since then we have striven to make the Games Room a safe environment for any student to relax.”

Lakeshore Games Room

Daniels continued, “We have seen a trend towards retro gaming in the last few years, so we have incorporated that trend into the rooms by adding a Wii and classic Nintendo games. We have had great feedback from Games Room regulars. Students love what we are doing, but we are always taking suggestions so we can continue to improve our services.”

“At the end of the day, it’s not just about gaming. It’s about taking that extra step to build a community. It’s a space people can gravitate towards on campus. Anyone is welcome, whether you’re a competitive gamer or someone who just wants a casual game.”

A landscape shot of the Lakeshore Games Room

Check out the Games Room at your campus and tell us what you think! We love to hear your suggestions.The Games Room also features monthly tournaments with great prizes. Check out listings for upcoming tournaments on our Events page.

*These quotes have been edited for length and clarity