Financial Relief Program In over your head? IGNITE’s Financial Relief Program (FRP) is here.

When emergency financial situations arise, FRP provides short-term assistance to full-time students and it’s all confidential.

Examples of emergency situations include, but are not limited to:

  • Being kicked out of home/imminent homelessness
  • Physical and/or health issues
  • Child care issues
  • Abuse

Applications for IGNITE’s Financial Relief Program open February 2021. You are also eligible to apply for the IGNITE Bursary through your MyHumber account.

* Please note that the FRP is not intended to pay for tuition and cannot be given for any OSAP-related issues.

* Please contact Digital Media Coordinator Stephen Wong for alternative formats.

How to Apply
Applications open February 2021.
Additional details will be posted closer to this date.

Questions about Financial Relief?
Contact Us