Dream job — here I come!

Ever wonder what it’s like to work at IGNITE? A lot of effort goes into planning events, concerts, promotions and the IGNITE social media.

Already itching to hear all about it? These alumni have a lot to say about their time at IGNITE and what they learned!

Let’s catch up with them, see what they’ve been up to since graduating and how working at IGNITE helped them land their dream jobs!

Online Engagement Coordinator & Communications Assistant | 3 Years

Richelle Kingsland | @richellekingsland

Former IGNITE Online Engagement Coordinator and Communications Assistant, Richelle Kingsland smiling and sitting at a table.
Photo courtesy of Richelle Kingsland.

Current Position: Product Marketing Coordinator at Harry Rosen

What skills did you develop working at IGNITE?

Kingsland: I was able to really learn everything about social media marketing throughout my time there. I [gained] experience in social media, copywriting, paid media and public relations, not to mention all the important soft skills like teamwork, time management and leadership skills. 

How did working at IGNITE help you land your dream job and/or prepare you for your future career?

Kingsland: I learned so many skills important for my industry[.] [Which] not only looks good on your resume and/or portfolio, but allows you to explore different paths and see what working in your field is really like. 

Why do you think students should work at IGNITE? 

Kingsland: The [skills and experience] I gained made me feel more confident graduating from Humber and even helped me better understand my course work[.]

The friends I made, memories in and out of the office and the opportunity to learn about my field while gaining real work experience really made my time at IGNITE invaluable [.] I definitely recommend current students take a look at the open positions and put yourself out there.

Promotions Assistant & Videographer | 2 Years

Matt C.

Current Position: Support Specialist at Humber College & Freelance Photographer

What skills did you develop working at IGNITE? 

C: Working as a promotions assistant, I was able to really develop my communication skills. Adapting the way, I communicated with the people…was something that I had to do on a daily basis[.]

How did working at IGNITE help you land your dream job and/or prepare you for your future career?

C: The time I spent with the team at IGNITE really showed me what it is like to work in an environment where I was able to trust my co-workers. Working alongside these folks made me want to work on my own punctuality and reliability.

Why do you think students should work at IGNITE? 

C: IGNITE really has a talent for finding special individuals who work well as a team. Through [working] at IGNITE, I was able to form lifelong memories with the co-workers I had, and I miss them all dearly. I’m certain that if you find yourself working for IGNITE, you will have a similar experience to me. 

Promotions Lead | 4 Years

Maya Marcus | @marcus.n.maya | LinkedIn

Former IGNITE Promotions Lead, Maya Marcus smiling in front of a car.
Photo courtesy of Maya Marcus.

Current position: Freelance Marketer and PR

What skills did you develop working at IGNITE?

Marcus: Everything! From learning how to organize promotional activities for students, to implementing strategies that would motivate and enhance our team structure[.]

How did working at IGNITE help you land your dream job and/or prepare you for your future career?

Marcus: One thing I can confidently say is that the people at [IGNITE] really believed in me and pushed me to be my best self. As graduation inched closer and closer, there were certain opportunities that I was so nervous about, and so many choices I was unsure of. Through that time, I was so grounded in the fact that having a wonderful team that supports your endeavors is paramount.

Why do you think students should work at IGNITE? 

Marcus: It is the perfect place for people who want to learn more about themselves, and grow in a positive and welcoming setting that allows you to make mistakes and celebrates achievements. IGNITE was the home in which I was able to grow as a professional, and I will always encourage students to take advantage of the opportunities it has to offer.

Managing Editor | 2 years

Sulvey Polanco | @Sulveytbh | LinkedIn

Former IGNITE Managing Editor, Sulvey Polanco smiling.
Photo courtesy of Sulvey Polanco.

Current position: Talent Manager at Shine Talent Group

What skills did you develop working at IGNITE? 

Polanco: The content writer position allowed me to really hone my writing skills (hello, CP Style!), communication skills, and organization skills.

When I took on the managing editor position…I gained really strong time management skills and attention to detail!

How did working at IGNITE help you land your dream job and/or prepare you for your future career?

Polanco: I was able to enter the workforce with a portfolio of writing samples, interviews with students and alumni, and some fun celebrity interviews to show off. I really feel like this gave me something to be proud of and helped a ton when it came to my job search.

IGNITE gave me confidence in speaking to high-priority talent through interviews, experience with pitching, and gave me valuable PR experience (drafting press releases, event pages, etc.)—all of which go hand in hand with the work I do now. 

Why do you think students should work at IGNITE? 

Polanco: IGNITE is probably the one part time job that actually understands what it’s like to be a student—it is so convenient to be able to work on campus (in person OR virtually) because your schedule truly [is tailored] around your classes. I always felt really supported by my team and was able to make long-lasting connections.

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