A productive day is a great day.

Caught up in one of those unproductive streaks? Sigh. We’ve all been there, wondering where the hours in the day went.

Sometimes all it takes to feel like it’s going to be a great day is to do something simple that makes you feel productive. No need to run a marathon or break a world record; these simple things will do!

1. Cook up breakfast at home

Wile E. Coyote with an apron stirring a bucket over a fire.

Make an easy and delicious breakfast at home instead of grabbing Tims. It feels great to get an early start in the morning. Try out Greek yogurt bowls, creative twists on classic oatmeal and five minute pancakes.

There’s nothing more satisfying than pouring maple syrup over fresh homemade pancakes! Mission completed.

2. Set an itinerary

Panning over of a calendar with start and finish work times.

Map out the big and small tasks you want to accomplish for the day to help you stay on a productive track. Itineraries aren’t just for tourists! Plan your trip to the shops, the DMV or the grocery store. And, check for the most efficient route (two-hour transfers will save you money)!

If you’ll be staying indoors and doing chores, remember one thing when creating your itinerary:

Keep it realistic—plus, you can set aside a list of small tasks if you find yourself at the end of the list.

Prioritize and consider how long each task will take.

Admittedly, it feels very productive to check off each task as you go.

3. Answer your emails

Squirrel eating and suddenly dropping food and running away when text "Loading inbox"changes to "3502 unread emails."

We all have those unsent drafts for our unanswered emails. Take the time to sit down and work through your inbox. You’ll thank us as you send off timely replies.

Plus, you’ll avoid that sinking feeling of remembering a deadline or important follow up months later. No more drafts sitting unfinished and unsent.

You should also clear out your old emails. Trust us, we’ve seen those 300+ emails just sitting around.

4. Deep clean your workspace

Cats clinging onto sweeper mop and holding on as it cleans floors.

Tidying everything up will not only make you feel better, but you can admire the results of your hard work! Cleaning up will prevent any accidents—like leftover coffee spilling onto your laptop.

Wipe down your desk, keyboard and prevent the build-up of dust (or worse, spider webs). Admittedly, there’s nothing that pushes you to clean more than spotting a spider in your room. Except when it vanishes.

Don’t throw the whole house away—just clean!

Oh yeah, and vacuum the floor to pick up Hot Cheeto crumbs. Little messes can be a distraction when working and unfortunately—we’re not as good at multitasking as we think.

5. Attend IGNITE’s Annual General Meeting

Here’s a quick and productive task to accomplish! Attend IGNITE’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) before your classes!

Baby penguin walking quickly with a top hat and brief case.
You on your way to the AGM.

The AGM is an opportunity for IGNITE’s Board of Directors and members (the students) to review changes and accomplishments for student life in the past year. During the AGM, we’ll vote to approve the results of IGNITE’s Board of Directors election, review last year’s impact report and more!

This means you will see the areas your student fees contributed to within the Humber and UofGH community. Be productive by sharing your voice and opinions with us during the meeting.

The 2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM) is Wednesday, March 23, 2022 at 11 a.m. EST.

We’ll see you there!

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