Look back to some of the most epic IGNITE events

Another semester has ended with lots of memories and fun. From the vibrant year-end party, Hype Hall, to the democratic practice of the IGNITE Election, we witnessed some of the semester’s top moments from IGNITE, unifying the community of Humber College and the University of Guelph-Humber.

Before we jump into the summer, let’s take a journey to revisit our favourite IGNITE memories of the past semester.

Hype Hall

a group of party enjoying the moments


Top of the list is Hype Hall – the legendary annual party to celebrate the end of the semester.

It was a night that we will never forget. There were plushies and giveaways everywhere you went. The music was lit, you could get a temporary tattoo and a perfect trim at no cost!

But what I missed the most was the atmosphere. Let’s put it like this, when you looked around, you could feel people were having fun: good vibe, good food, good music, no stress.

See you all at next year’s Hype Hall!

Real Talks

Picture of IGNITE Real Talks with Amelia Dimoldenberg


With a hilarious interview style, hosting the Oscars red carpet and the list goes on, Amelia Dimoldenberg surprised us with her genuine nature in IGNITE’s exclusive Real Talks.

Taken place at the Student Centre of North Campus, our Humber and UofGH students had a chance to hear Amelia Dimoldenberg talk about the importance of taking care of your well-being and finances. She also shared with us some behind-the-scenes moments of her Chicken Shop Dates, and how she managed to pull herself together during red-carpet events.

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IGNITE Annual General Meeting

a board meeting in a room with dim light


As a student union, it is necessary to keep everything transparent and informed to the students. This is why IGNITE hosts the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Not only you will be up-to-date about IGNITE’s operations, but you can also participate in making key decisions.

If you want to get engaged and make an impact, don’t forget to check out these resources to grow your leadership skills on campus.

IGNITE Election

a brand ambassador posing in front of the camera


Students know themselves best. So every academic year, IGNITE lets students run their own campaign for a seat on the Board of Directors.

As Board of Directors, you will do all kinds of amazing things while making an impact on campus life. By working with other like-minded people, you will lead the next positive changes. This involves strategic planning, budgeting and actively seeking feedback to enhance student life.

For those who are afraid to nominate themselves, Parul Yadav shares her experience running for IGNITE Election as an ambivert.

Speed Friending

people talking with each other during a gathering party


Making new friends at college and university is hard. All of a sudden, you are not a high school student anymore and have to start over again. I feel you! That’s why IGNITE hosts Speed Friending at the beginning of each semester.

The event starts with fun conversations and ice-breaking games. To make the moments more enjoyable, IGNITE provides different activities, from plushies and bubble tea to engaging in arts and crafts.

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The past semester was definitely a rollercoaster ride with a lot of exciting moments. Whether you are a freshman or senior, we hope you have had a memorable experience with IGNITE. After all, we want nothing but to make your post-secondary life the best it can be. So, make sure to keep an eye on our Instagram and TikTok for all the cool stuff we have coming up!

Feature image courtesy of IGNITE.

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