Give us all the multicultural desserts that the GTA has.

These summer days are drifting away—because this heat is almost unbearable! So, to stay cool and beat the heat, here’s our list of multicultural desserts in the GTA we think are worth trying.

From traditional flavours to icy drinks and fresh fruit, these various cultures have lots to offer!


Bingsu (Korean shaved ice) is served with various sweet toppings. This cold treat comes in a variety of traditional and new flavours. Some popular toppings are fruit, condensed milk and fruit syrup!

This mountain of shaved ice is great to share with friends! Visit The Cups Bingsu Cafe in Thornhill and North York or Snow Time in Markham. Try out flavours like injeolmi (roasted soybean), black sesame, green grape and cheesecake.


Sweet, sweet gelato. This Italian treat has a dense and rich flavour, best of all there’s practically gelato at every street corner! Nani’s Gelato in Mississauga and Toronto features some fun flavours like earl grey tea and amarena cherry.

Picky about flavour options? Go to Dolce Gelato—they’re got more than 60 flavours to choose from.

Agua fresca

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An agua fresca is a blended fruit drink from Central America. Find a variety of flavours of agua fresca at Milagro and Puerto Bravo in Toronto.

Additionally, Puerto Bravo has lime carlota, also known as Mexican icebox cake. It’ll definitely leave you feeling refreshed!


This colourful and cool dessert originates from the Philippines. Halo-halo contains milk, ube jam, sweetened beans, mixed jelly—plus, a scoop of ube or mango ice cream to top it all off. Perfection.

You can find Casa Manila’s ultimate halo-halo party bowls on their dessert menu! But if you’re not as willing to share, Sampaguita Village Restaurant in Toronto and Remely’s Restaurant in Scarborough have the perfect cup of halo-halo for one.


Dondurma (Turkish Ice cream) also known as Maraş ice cream is known for its unique chewy and stretchy texture derived from mastic gum. The MADO cafe offers slices of pistachio ice cream served with pistachio baklava.

How about some nice cool rice pudding with banana slices and hazelnut crumble as well? MADO cafe has locations in Mississauga, North York and downtown. This is the place to go when the AC breaks down!

Gulab jamun

Gulab jamun is a traditional Indian milk-based sweet soaked in sugar syrup. Head over to Rajdhani Indian Sweets and Restaurant in Brampton or Bombay Chowpatty in Toronto. You’ll find warm gulab jamun served with ice cream on their menus.

Is it cheating if we list this as a cold dessert? Maybe, but it’ll still cool you down!

Freddo cappuccino

Walking fast, faces past and you need some caffeine to start your morning. Head down to the Phyllo Cafe and Cafe Serano in Toronto for a freddo cappuccino! This Greek beverage is an iced coffee drink made of espresso, frothed milk and sugar.

Plus, both cafes also have their takes on Greek yogurt and honey!

Leche flan

This Filipino baked custard is simple and delicious. Who would say no to caramelized sugar?

Flantastic has six flavours ranging from traditional to coffee and they deliver all throughout the GTA.


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Kürtőskalács (chimney cake) is a popular dessert in Hungary with a hollow centre. Eva’s Original Chimneys serves up chimney cones—with ice cream.

Very Instagram worthy, but eat quickly because the summer sun is no joke! Get a cinnamon sugar, graham or oreo crumble chimney cone for your ice cream!



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This is an Indian version of a cold dessert made with noodles! Traditional falooda contains rose syrup, vermicelli, sweet basil seeds and ice cream. It looks too good to eat!

Royal Paan has several locations across Brampton and Mississauga. Their royal falooda and royal kulfi (Indian ice cream) falooda comes topped with almonds and pistachios!

Overwhelmed by the options? Try these cool desserts throughout the rest of the summer and enjoy each bite! Thankfully, you won’t need to pick just one favourite.

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