“There is so much power in your youth, in your ideas, in our fresh ideas.”

Bretman Rock

Holy moly. Oh my god. That was so, so, SO cool!

Oh, hi, we didn’t see you there – we’re still reeling because we got to hear from Bretman Rock!

On Thursday, June 24, the YouTuber, MTV star and arguable winner of Instagram (iykyk) joined Margaret Cho and Priyanka at our first ever Pride-focused Real Talks event. If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry – you can watch a full recording of the event for free through Vimeo. If you could make it but just can’t get enough of this social media personality, also don’t worry – we’re in the same boat.

That’s why we brought him in for a bonus interview!

Following his appearance at our main event, we sat down with Rock to answer questions you submitted about being in the virtual spotlight. He gave advice for young creatives, shared his favourite part of every day and touched on his experiences in the digital sphere at the intersection of both queer and Filipino identities.

“Some opportunities that I wished for my whole entire life really just get handed to people,” said Rock. “…so it’s either I do it or someone else is gonna do it.”

Hear the rest of Bretman Rock’s insights below:

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