Time for a change.

Attending college or university should be a memorable landmark filled with services aimed to enrich each student in their personal, student, and future lives.

That’s why IGNITE’s Board of Directors approved changes to the organization’s fee structure to benefit you while continuing to give you choice in your own adventure.

IGNITE’s memberships fees are split into Mandatory and Optional categories. Mandatory fees are set to ensure the organization delivers on its core mandate to the entire membership and Optional fees are designed to enhance your experiences based on choice.

Here’s how they’re changing:

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Summer 2020

IGNITE is waiving all Optional fees for summer students while committing to providing value across all fee categories. This means summer students will save money without missing out on the full IGNITE experience.

Every dollar counts.

Fall 2020 & Winter 2021

Colleges, universities and student unions across Ontario changed their fee structures in 2017 to comply with the provincial government’s Student Choice Initiative. Since then, the SCI was struck down in court, and the government challenged the court decision. Throughout this all, IGNITE was resilient and adapted. Now, things have progressed even more.

In accordance with the court decision and legal advice, and in partnership with Humber, IGNITE’s new fee breakdown is:

New Mandatory fees:

Wellness & Security – $18
Career Success – $10.50
Advocacy & Leadership – $12
Membership – $23.50

New Optional fees: 

Events & Opportunities – $20  


Student health insurance plan – $104.23

What this means for you:

In total, the IGNITE fees are $188.23, saving students $6.93 compared to 2019-20.

Students laughing in front of laptops

Students have endured so much this year. It’s important to us to support our membership, as we have all year, in a way that recognizes the operational realities of the organization with the personal realities of students like you.

If you have questions about IGNITE’s new fee structure, reach out to [email protected].

For more information on the initiatives IGNITE offers, visit our services page.

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