Make it rain.

Being a student isn’t easy. From struggling to pay off tuition or basic necessities, we can admit that sometimes you could use some financial help. Luckily, IGNITE is running a contest from now until April 23rd and we are giving away $1000 a month to nine lucky students!

All you have to do is fill out our survey and you’ll be automatically entered—yes it’s THAT easy.

You have nothing to lose. The possibilities of how you’d like to spend your prize money are endless. Whether you’ll use it to help pay off your student loans, are in need of a clothing haul or would rather spend it on 200 Starbucks lattes—the choice is yours.

Spongebob character, Mr. Krabs, showering in money

Check out what these first-year Humber North and University of Guelph-Humber students would spend their prize money on:

outside picture of girl wearing red shirt and glasses in front of humber college

Jan Palacio | North | Business Marketing | @jnpalacio | (above)

“I’d definitely go on a trip to the Bahamas with that money!”

Hunter Walt | North | Electrical Engineering | @hunter5580

“I’d spend the money on paying off school.”

blonde girl wearing white shirt and glasses in front of bookshelf

Keely Decourcy | North | Massage Therapy | @keelydecourcy | (above)

“I’d use the money to buy all my textbooks and school supplies.”

Bram Hazelton | UofGH | Kinesiology | @bram.hazelton

“I’d probably just spend it on food.”

Boy holding up peace sign, wearing black shirt in front of lockers

Ronald Jr Laxamana | North | Business | @jayronlaxamana | (above)

“I’d invest the money and try to make it grow.”

Monica Freitas Velosa | North | Early Childhood Education | @monicafreitasvelosa17

“I would visit my family back home in Portugal! I’d love to go meet the ones I haven’t met yet!”

2 girls in front of lockers

Jaspreet Notta | North | Bachelors of Nursing | @jaspreet.nottaa | (left)

“I’d buy my textbooks with the prize money.”

Trinity Oleru | North | Cosmetic Management | @teala.t | (right)

“I’d put it towards buying a new car!”

boy wearing glasses, backpack and cap in humber college

Hubert Offman | North | Early Childhood Education | (above)

“I’d buy comic books and maybe some art. The rest I’d spend on groceries.”

Justin Krolewski | North | Early Childhood Education

“I’d put $500 towards tuition and the rest towards silly things like candy.”

boy wearing white Nike International shirt

Williams Cabrera Paz | Occupational Therapist Assistant & Physiotherapist Assistant Diploma | @williamscabrerapaz_ | (above)

“I would spend it on fashion. Probably lots of clothing!”

Sarah Chaudhary | North | Landscape Technician | @sleepy__sarah | (above)

“I’d spend it on paying back my student loans.”

boy in front of IGNITE booth

Harrison Ruddick| North | Telecommunications | (above)

“I think the best idea is to invest the money.”

Simrankaur Sandy | North | Project Management Post Graduate

“I’d buy my textbooks from the bookstore because I haven’t gotten anything yet.”

girl smiling and wearing jean jacket

Logan Taylor | North | Bachelor of Nursing | @logantaylor24 | (above)

“I’d use it for tuition because it’s really expensive.”

Connor Dixon | UofGH | Justice Studies | @connor_dixon01

“If I won $1000 I’d probably put it all towards food.”

Don’t wait, enter our survey now for a chance to be $1000 richer.

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