“I’ll start studying tomorrow.” 

Ah, midterms week. A time of compromised sleep schedules, caffeine-induced cramming, and a sprinkle of insanity. Unlike finals, which anticipate the semester’s end, midterms are really only a dress-rehearsal for what’s to come. In the worst way possible.

For some, you may have been keeping up with your readings. You make it to every lecture and have never missed an assignment. But for a lot of us, it’s a miracle we even bought the textbook.

So, whether you’re a fervent keener or a little late to the (studying) party, here are 5 relatable midterm feelings:



“Are you kidding me?”

Girl slaps table in frustration

At the dawn of midterm season, this will likely be your first emotion. Resentment and dread quickly become second nature. It feels like classes just started and now you’re suddenly expected to know two months’ worth of content in less than a week. Ugh. You may begin gathering your notes and making a list of content to go over, but you’ve got time so might as well marinate in your dislike for this whole studying thing. For now, at least.

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“I can start studying tomorrow.”

Man procrastinates by lying on floor

After some initial disappointment, the animosity fades and you’re suddenly doing anything you can to avoid studying. Happy Hour? Why not. Netflix? One more episode couldn’t hurt. Laundry? Heck–might as well. Suddenly, everything becomes more exciting than studying and you find yourself being distracted by the simplest things. After all, you can study next week, right?



“I have to read HOW many chapters?”

Spongebob tries to blow out a fire

So, you’ve been taking it easy on yourself, perhaps too much so. But the walls are closing in, and you realize it’s time to hit the books. Panic sets in and you remember–your first exam is just a few days away. While contemplating dropping out and cursing under your breath, you scramble to find your notes and pull yourself together. Sweatpants on and laptop fully charged, there’s no going back. Panic mode initiated.



“I actually don’t know anything.”

Anime character studies with speed

You’ve done it again. After weeks of procrastinating, or perhaps a few too many nap breaks, the only option is to reach for the strongest form of caffeine you can find and hope for the best. This stage usually ends with you passing out on top of your textbooks or desperately FaceTiming your classmates with questions. Much to your chagrin, they don’t understand the material either. Just great. You likely wish you had “one more day” to study but those idealistic thoughts have no room here. It’s all or nothing.



“I’m never procrastinating again.”

Athlete throws a towel behind them

With three hours of sleep and four Red Bulls behind you, you somehow manage to scramble out of bed and drag yourself to the exam. After nervously checking answers and watching the clock, you either leave the room feeling on top of the world or like an absolute wreck. You might feel a sense of relief until you get home and realize you still have three more exams to study for. And the cycle repeats.

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