Your student ID is like a VIP pass.

You all know that Humber and University of Guelph-Humber are great schools for learning. That’s why you’re here! But did you know our campuses are also great spots to spend time outside of class?

It’s understandable if you’ve been clueless until now. Student life is hectic. Between projects, commutes, and part-time jobs, it’s a miracle you just manage to show up every day.

But, you do show up! Which means you’re here a lot. Plus, all that time spent waiting for your next class could be used to do something more interesting than staring at your phone.

Check out these 6 awesome activities you can do for FREE between classes:


1. Get some rest at the IGNITE Sleep Lounge

A row of beds separated by dividers in the IGNITE Sleep Lounge.

We’re smack dab in the middle of midterms and there’s no doubt we could all use some rest.

Forget hiding in your car to nap uncomfortably and using your desk as a pillow, because the IGNITE Sleep Lounge is here to help you recharge in a safe and comfortable environment.

Just show your student card and you’ll get to rest for an hour. If no one is waiting for a turn, you can sleep longer. All the chairs are wiped down after each nap and there are partitions to divide you from your neighbours.

Located at KX204 at North campus and KB106 at Lakeshore, the Sleep Lounge is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m to 4 p.m. Stop by and catch those much needed zzz’s.


2. Play a game of pool at the IGNITE Games Room

People playing a game of pool.

So you just hit up the Tim’s for a 4×4 and you’re not tired at all. You’ve got a few friends with you and there’s an hour to kill before your next class. You’re bored and don’t know what to do in the meantime.

Well, let me introduce you to my personal favourite on this list: the IGNITE Games Room.

With pool tables, foosball tables, Nintendo Wiis, and Xbox Ones this place is like going to that one rich friend’s house, except it’s on campus and their mom isn’t there to bring you those dreaded “healthy snacks”.

Sign in with your student card at KX2101 at North campus, or the K Building basement at Lakeshore, so you can book a pool table for you and your friends. It’s a casual way to have fun, and that hour before class will fly by in no time. Just keep an eye on the clock so you aren’t late for your lecture!


3. Shoot some hoops at the Athletics Centre

Close up of a man's hand holding a basketball.

You didn’t drink an extra large cup of liquid sugar, but you have some energy to burn all the same. That’s cool, cause Humber and UofGH students are welcome to use the Athletics Centre gym to play sports at their leisure.

One of the most popular choices for athletic students is to play a pickup game of 3-on-3, or even 5-on-5 if you have enough players. The nets are already there, so just grab a ball and shoot. There are even communal jerseys you can borrow to tell your teams apart.

Basketball not your thing? No sweat. Students are welcome to play other sports like badminton, volleyball, and even dodgeball. Some other free services include: towels, day use lockers, and drop-in group activities.

So pack your gym clothes, grab some friends, and bring your student ID to the Athletics Centre at your campus.


4. Take a Zumba class at the Fitness Centre

Women dancing in a Zumba class.

Do you have a beat stuck in your head? Do you dance in the hallways? Do you love a good workout? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then Zumba is for you!

Loud beats, cool instructors, and bright spaces provide the perfect opportunity to blow off some steam while getting your cardio in. All you need is your student ID and a love of dancing.

If you really love dance-related fitness classes you can go beyond Zumba and try Urban Dance Fusion, Carnival Spice, or Dancer Strength and Conditioning. But, maybe Zumba’s not quite what you’re looking for and dancing’s just not an option. You can also try classes like Bootcamp, Spin, and Yoga.

Group fitness classes are held from Monday through Friday at the Fitness Centres. Check out the North campus schedule and Lakeshore schedule to plan your first class.


5. Relax in the tranquillity garden at the Arboretum

Tranquility garden in the Humber Arboretum

You may not need to nap. You may not need to play. You may not even need to dance. But, you totally need to relax.

The beautiful tranquillity garden in the Humber Arboretum at North campus is an amazing place to meditate and practice nature photography.

Created in part by Humber College landscaping and horticultural students, the overall design of this space was inspired by the beauty of an evening glow. With its ponds, waterfall, and deep coloured vegetation it’s no wonder they call it “The Garden of the Rising Moon.”

Grab a friend and get that perfect shot for the ‘gram or go it alone to clear your mind from the stresses of student life.


6. Try outdoor ice skating in Colonel Samuel Smith Park

Pair of ice skates standing on ice.

I know winter is kind of like The Season That Shall Not Be Named, but the reality is it’s fast approaching. That being said, the Lakeshore campus is a beautiful place to spend time year round.

With Colonel Samuel Smith Park right next door, students get easy access to outdoor ice skating. The best part is that it’s not your typical ice rink, it’s actually a skating trail in the shape of a figure eight!

The City of Toronto maintains the trail so it’s kept clean and safe. It’s open to the public from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. during the winter months.

When the snow finally falls be sure to find your skates, bundle up, and bring a date to keep you extra warm.

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