My island is beautiful, my friends and family’s beautiful and, most importantly, I’m beautiful.”

Bretman Rock

If you don’t know who Bretman Rock is, chances are you’ve been living under one.

Since he began building his online platform in 2015, the singer, songwriter, actor, actress, athlete, activist, scientist on the MF’n side, star of crystal of the day-ay-ay-ay and coconut water connoisseur (*catches breath*) has amassed 8.5 million YouTube subscribers and over 16 million Instagram followers.

The influencer first gained traction thanks to his beauty-based content. But, even if you can’t tell a kabuki brush from a contour stick, his fun-filled persona will undoubtedly make you hit that bell notification. And we aren’t the only ones who’ve noticed.

In fact, Rock is such an electric presence, MTV gave him his own show. You know, MTV: the VMAs host, Jersey Shore channel and the network that brought you Lady Gaga’s meat dress. That studio made him the subject of a six-part documentary series. Can you say “iconic”?

Bretman Rock claps.

You can watch Rock’s show in its entirety on YouTube. But, in anticipation of his appearance at IGNITE’s first ever Pride Real Talks, we’ve compiled our favourite parts.

Here are the 10 most hilarious moments from MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock:

1. When his friend Larry demonstrated how to ride a horse

Larry rides a horse.
GIF courtesy of MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock – episode one.

2. When he asked his sister where she got her food from

“The store.”

3. When he reviewed the champagne he drank to celebrate launching a line of sunglasses

“You know what this tastes like? A sold out sunglass collection.”

4. When he took a call from his manager in the bathtub

Working from home at its finest.

Bretman Rock works in the bathtub.
GIF courtesy of MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock – episode two.

5. When he “made” breakfast for his family

“…I plated it, so I made it.”

6. When he set his friends up on a mock date

“Cupid Rock” does have a ring to it, though.

Bretman Rock's friends on a mock date.
GIF courtesy of MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock – episode three.

7. When he half-worked out, half-argued with his sister

“It’s not a race! But if it was, I’m in front.”

8. When he and his friend Kieffer tried cooking his mom’s Igado

Kieffer melts a pot lid.
GIF courtesy of MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock – episode one.

9. When he tried writing a heartfelt letter to his mom before she moved away

“What do you have so far?”

“I put, ‘Bye girl; you will be missed.'”

10. When he “helped” his sister set up their mom’s party

We’re with him: singing and dancing counts as moral support!

Bretman Rock dances.
GIF courtesy of MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock – episode six.

Can’t get enough Bretman Rock? Neither can we! Thankfully, the star will be joining us at 1 p.m. EDT on Thursday, June 24 for IGNITE’s first ever Pride Real Talks!

You’ll get to hear from Rock directly as he sits down with Canada’s Drag Race winner Priyanka to answer questions about fame, give brand-building advice and bask in the beauty of queer identities. Plus, he’ll be joined by Margaret Cho: master comedian, legendary actress and storied musician. 

Snag your free ticket for Real Talks: Pride Edition through Eventbrite and get ready for, as Rock would say, a “gooooood MF’n afternoon, b**ch.”

Bretman Rock poses.

Learn how Margaret Cho, your other Pride Real Talks guest, advocates for the queer community.

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