“That’s just me—as an artist, I say what needs to be said.”


Listening to music is one of life’s little joys because it can help put your feelings into words. No matter the genre, there are so many artists out there that continue to captivate us with lyrics we relate to.

And, luckily, IGNITE’s got your music needs covered with Grammy-nominated artist Aminé.

Aminé—whose real name is Adam Aminé Daniel—is an American rapper from Portland, Oregon. He rose to fame in 2016 thanks to his hit single Caroline, which peaked at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

His most recent project is titled TWOPOINTFIVE, where he took his music to new heights by exploring various tempos and styles. Aminé told Billboard in an interview that this change reflects his life after 2020, saying:

“Life was really slow and really hard to get adjusted to, for me, in 2020. So as soon as I could go back outside and I could do regular things again—be with my friends or ride my bike and just be outside as much as I used to—it felt like my life was getting a lot more fast-paced.”

This transition from slow to fast-paced is something we can all relate to as students. From the start of the year, we slowly transition into classes—and the next thing we know, we’re cramming for exams and struggling to finish final assignments.

So, to get you even more hyped to experience this artist at IGNITE’s virtual Frost concert, we want to share six Aminé lyrics that perfectly describe what it’s like to be a student. If you aren’t already a fan, that’s about to change!

Here they are:

1. “I wanna know, is this real or fake? Do I have a chance or am I pavin’ ways?” (Spice Girl, 2017)

Sometimes you have moments in life where something is so good, that you question if it’s real.

“Is this relationship too good to be true? Did I really just get the internship of my dreams?”

Pave your ways!

2. “Stuck in limbo for how long? Please tell me where I belong.” (Riri, 2020)

Does this lyric even need to be explained?

As a student, it seems like we’re always uncertainly waiting for something—whether it be professors giving back exam results, hearing back from internship opportunities, or anything in-between.

It’s hard trying to find out where you belong; and Aminé expresses that perfectly—in under 15 words!

3. “People be so phony, that’s why I be on my lonely” (Charmander,2021)

In university and/or college, we meet a lot of new people; and it can be hard to find those you click with right away. Sometimes, as result, you are left alone for periods of your life.

And sometimes it’s okay to be on your own, but if you’re looking to make some connections IGNITE has some tips for sparking conversation with anyone on campus.

4. “If you feeling worthless, you should probably go and tell a friend, yeah”(DR. WHOEVER, 2018)

Mental health is so important, and IGNITE understands that being a student sometimes strains your mind. If you need someone to talk to, please book a free, confidential virtual counselling appointment through Humber’s Student Wellness and Accessiblity Centre.

It’s always good to reach out to someone and talk.

5. “Paranoia on my mind, got me gone sometimes (I can’t sleep)” (Chicken, 2020)

Being paranoid about the future and questioning whether all this hard work will end up being worth it can keep you up late at night. As a student, it can be really hard to sleep when you keep thinking about the future and finding a job or internship in the industry you want to work in.

6. “You deserve a long vacation, a standing ovation”- (Mama, Limbo Deluxe 2020)

Whether you’re a full-time or part-time student, school is a lot of work. So, make sure you allow yourself to have some fun and take a “long vacation.”

And (in our humble opinion) the best way to have some fun is to enjoy some music—which you can do at Frost 2022 featuring Aminé!

On Thursday, Jan. 20, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. EST, Aminé will be performing an exclusive virtual concert just for you! You’ll also get to enjoy opening DJ sets —and, if you register early enough, walk away with a Frost prize pack while supplies last!

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It’s pretty impressive that Aminé can describe being a student so succinctly—after all, being in school is a pretty unique experience. To prove it, here are nine things students do that *literally* no one else does.

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