If eating leftover pizza for breakfast is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!

Is post-secondary the best time of your life? Debatable. But it sure is the most unconstrained you will ever be.

Being a student comes with an invisible free pass to go against social obligations, which often leads to people doing “unconventional” things. Be it drinking coffee at 9 p.m. or sleeping ’till the sun sets, life as a student allows you to defy all norms.

A man saying, "This is college. Who cares?"

So, here’s IGNITE’s list of things students do that *literally* no one else does:

1. Pulling an all-nighter…Or two

Man: "All nighters are the theme of our existence."

Have you even lived the ‘student life’ if you haven’t pulled an all-nighter? With assignment submissions and exams piled up, staying awake several nights in a row isn’t unusual.

But, like Warren Zevon said, we can sleep when we’re dead. Right?

2. Wearing pyjamas during the day

Tina Fey in 30 Rock says, "Eating night cheese and transitioning my pyjamas into daywear."

It is absolutely acceptable to wear pyjamas to class—comfort for the win.

Also, can we petition to make this the norm for adults too?

3. Instant noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

A girl eating black bean noodles.

Spend $40 on groceries and take three hours to cook, or opt for instant noodles? The choice seems pretty clear to us. After all, noodles can be healthy too.

We’re pretty sure it’s blood, water and ramen running through students’ veins.

4. Attending class after partying ‘til 4 a.m.

A woman sleeping on a chair and rubbing her eye.

Mandatory attendance? Well, you gotta do, what you gotta do.

5. Forgetting to eat

Homer Simpson looking at his stomach growl due to hunger.

We don’t endorse this. But between attending classes, completing assignments, studying and working, it isn’t uncommon for students to realize they’ve skipped a meal or two until their stomach begins to growl.

Psst: IGNITE’s Soupbar is the perfect solution to this!

6. Cramming a few minutes before an exam

Man reading quickly while pages fly off the table.

It’s better to study something than nothing, right?

7. Creating playlists…for anything and everything

Nicole Richie checks her phone and puts a finger up as if to say, "One sec."

You obviously can’t listen to the same playlist while doing homework and going grocery shopping!

8. Being late to bed and early to rise

A man sleepily shuts off his alarm clock.

Finding the perfect balance between school, work and your personal life might involve sacrificing a little shut-eye.

Fortunately, students are the only people whose bodies can survive on four hours of sleep.

9. Procrastinating… everything

A person procrastinates all week and feverishly does work on Sunday.

Hey, at least putting off assignments until the last minute is a great way to learn how to work under pressure.

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And, remember: while student life is chaotic, it’s also truly special. IGNITE’s here to make sure you can enjoy every messy minute of it.

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