It’s go time.

The start of a new semester can be tough.

Like, you know there are tons of adventures and experiences awaiting you in the months ahead — but it can still be hard to let go of your endless free time. It’s like any transition period in life, really — the delicate balance between grieving what’s past, adjusting to what’s present and anticipating what awaits.

Whoa, that was, like, super deep for an article about what students are excited for.

Kiko Merley of BROCKHAMPTON thinks.

Our musings aside, we want to get you pumped up for this term by sharing some of the coolest things you have to look forward to throughout the next 15 weeks. And, who better to share them than your peers?

In their own words, here’s what Humber College and University of Guelph-Humber students are most excited about this semester:

Pranjli Mehta | she/her

Third-year | Humber College | Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting


Pranjli Mehta.
Photo courtesy of Pranjli Mehta (@pranjli.mehta)

“…for studying hard and getting great grades.”

Hifsa Khan | she/her

Fourth-year | Justice Studies | UofGH

“I’m looking forward to my law school application process and taking advantage of volunteer opportunities!”

Alefia Abdulhusein | she/her

Third-year | Paralegal Education | Humber College


Alefia Abdulhusein wearing a blue hijab.
Photo courtesy of Alefia Abdulhusein (@alefia_aa).

“Placement and graduation. Placement is a big stepping stone, and so is graduation, because they open up new experiences and enrich previous ones, which can help a person grow.”

Saloni Shah | she/her

Second-year | Bachelor of Commerce – Finance | Humber College


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“Visiting campus! Though my class is online, I want to see the beautiful campus.”

Alma Deanda | Alma

English for Academic Purposes | Humber College


Alma Deanda.
Photo courtesy of Alma Deanda (@madely496).

“The fall!”

Ruth Oudit | she/her

Second-year | Justice Studies | UofGH


Ruth Oudit in a yellow dress.
Photo courtesy of Ruth Oudit (@ruth.oudit).

“Meeting everyone in person and being on campus!”

Felipe Urrea | he/him

First-year | Film and Television Production | Humber College


Photography by Felipe Urrea (@fuaaaca).

“Reading week 😂” (Honestly, same, Felipe!)

The Humber and UofGH community has so much to be excited for this year. And, IGNITE can’t wait to celebrate with you.

Quotes have been edited for length and clarity.

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