What are your plans for the summer?

As the school year is coming to an end, you’ll find yourself in a situation of not knowing what to do during the summer. It’s always tough to decide to move on to the next exciting thing or take a much-needed pause to reevaluate the past journey. Whatever the choice is, your summer plan will open up many opportunities that will change your life forever.

So, to help you make summer everything you want it to be, we asked some of the students on campus about how they are going to spend their summertime.

Take summer classes

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The summer represents a great opportunity to leverage your academic pursuit. Whether that is taking extra courses or engaging in online classes from Coursera, it is never a bad decision to invest in expanding knowledge.

Sultana Khan, a fourth-year information technology solutions (ITS) student, says she is staying at Humber for the summer.

“I’m very excited. I love studying, that’s why I’m here. I have a passion for studying new things,” Khan said.

Get a job

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Summer is a great time to apply what you studied into the real world. Aside from the financial incentives, a summer placement is also a great way to learn more about an industry and gain practical work experience to add to your resume. Plus, it helps you accumulate transferable skills, such as communication, organization and time management.

Val Limliman, a second-year student majoring in computer systems technician, is expecting to get more hours in the culinary industry while finding the balance between job and school.

Aalima, a fourth-year business student at the University of Guelph-Humber, plans to focus on her real estate study, in addition to opening up her own digital marketing agency.

Go outdoors

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Nothing is more exciting on a summer day than to go outdoors for some vitamin D. According to research, outdoor activities can lead to enhanced feelings of energy and diminished fatigue, anxiety, anger and sadness.

Yash Jani, an engineering student and employee working for the Humber Library, enjoys going hiking on those beautiful sunny days.

“It was something I used to do a long while ago. There is a group on Facebook that promotes this activity. I think it’s something that people should consider doing. You get to socialize, know new people and an inexpensive way to have fun.”

His friend and co-worker, William, is hoping that he can go to Vancouver this summer.

Reunite with family members

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As an international student, studying abroad is hard. Not only do you have to be away from your home, but you also have to cope with many challenges like homesickness. So, it is good to recharge yourself by spending quality time with your loved ones.

Nathalia Campos also agrees with this. For context, her parents are coming to Canada this summer to attend her graduation ceremony.

“It will be a fun moment in which we take a break from all the stress, meeting with families again. I also want to enjoy summer more since I don’t have classes and assignments anymore.”

Nathalia also expects to find a job in the film industry and finally get her G2.


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Summer, in general, is a staple for exploration and growth. And one standout avenue you can think of is travelling. Embarking on a journey enriches your life experience and cultural sensitivity that goes far beyond your comfort zone.

Pram, a student in the hospitality, hotel and restaurant operations management program at Humber, will go to Cuba with her friends this summer.

“In summer, the beaches are a must-visit, and their nightlife is amazing,” Pram tells us in excitement.


Summer is the perfect time for you to engage in meaningful experiences and new activities. Remember, you don’t need to have the best summer plan, but make sure that your summer plan is the one that you will never forget when you return to school.

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