It’s never too early or too late to learn how to manage your life

Whether you just starting out your post-secondary journey or you’re about to graduate, getting your life organized is crucial. You can’t postpone well-being and financial literacy and tell yourself, “I’ll learn about it tomorrow.” Small habits make up your routine, so it’s a good idea to start now.

We went around the IGNITE office to ask our talented student colleagues about the best piece of advice they have received and here are some of their answers.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

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VIA Harry Nguyen

Nish, our Leadership and Advocacy Assistant, said that one of the most crucial advice he has ever received was to reach out for help.

“When you have problems, you have to let other people know. Otherwise, you will suffer alone without any support. And that is not good.”

Sometimes, our thoughts get the best of us and prevent us from reaching out. However, recognizing and reaching out about the issues you are facing is brave. And taking action shows that you are willing to adapt to become a better version of yourself.

Medical checkups are underrated

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VIA Harry Nguyen

When it comes to well-being and financial advice, Jeffrey from the Leadership and Advocacy Department gave us great advice. He started with why you should invest in yourself.

“There are lots of things you can do to make yourself better, including eating healthier, working out, and getting regular medical checkups.”

Just like your money, it’s also important to monitor your health. Getting routine checkups every 3 years will improve your health and reduce your risk of getting chronic disease.

Jeffrey also emphasized the difficulty of learning how to save. It may sound easier said than done but resisting the temptation to spend takes courage and patience.

What you want may not be what you need

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VIA Harry Nguyen

Eric, one of our videographers, had some wise words about financial literacy.

He told us about how his dad advised him to spend within his means. Eric took the example of buying a car. If one is on a tight budget, they shouldn’t buy an expensive car that offers the same convenience and enjoyment as a car that is more reasonably priced.

Sometimes, what you want is not what you need. So, learn how to control your feelings and take the time you need to find what is comfortable enough to help you move forward.

Always save enough for an emergency

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VIA Harry Nguyen

As an international student, Claire has some noteworthy advice to share based on her experience studying in Canada.

Claire emphasized the importance of emergency saving. To be specific, she suggests everybody should have at least three months’ worth of income for savings. This, understandably, takes time. Having a good chunk of change in savings doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s a goal worth working toward.

You will never know what happens in the future. For Claire, that amount will be enough to cover costs in case her friends, family, or even herself have some unexpected incidents – without going into debt.

Journaling is self-care

a girl smiling and sharing about her well-being and financial literacy

VIA Harry Nguyen

Rein, our energetic brand ambassador, has some secret methods to nurture her feelings and keep herself going.

Surprisingly, one of them is journaling. Rein shares with us that writing down her thoughts every day makes her feel like she is talking to someone.

“Even if it is just random thoughts, writing journals has helped me a lot regarding my mental health.”

As a matter of fact, journaling has many benefits. Stress reduction, emotion regulation, and problem tracking are just a few benefits of accounting for your daily thoughts. Give it a try!

Know your limits

VIA Harry Nguyen

Tabassum, our human resources assistant, talks about the importance of being aware of your mental threshold.

Tabassum told us that she used to participate in many clubs and extracurriculars. Because she wanted to be as busy as possible, she took in every opportunity she received.

Then, she started to feel overwhelmed. At that point, she decided to stop and reflect on her whole experience.

“It’s good to be active to make the most of your post-secondary experience. But it’s also important to know your limits.”

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