These music videos are like a where’s Waldo for Toronto spots.

There’s lots of iconic spots in Toronto that have been memorialized in music video history. And Torontorians are hungry for any mention of Toronto, such as the various easter eggs in Turning Red.

So, here are six music video you didn’t know were filmed in Toronto. You know, in case you need some fun facts to share with your friends the next time they start rambling on about how great Toronto is.

“It’ll Be Okay” by Shawn Mendes

Fans were quick to spot Shawn Mendes wandering around Berczy Park.

In the music video for “It’ll Be Okay” Mendes walks through Berczy Park and the Distillery District while it snows. Although it doesn’t make an appearance, Berczy Park is also known for their beloved and whimsical dog fountain, yes—really. Mendes also noted how it was nice to be able to shoot in Toronto and see the skyline.

Feeling melodramatic? We can expect a couple low budget renditions of the “It’ll Be Okay” music video for those nights when we’re walking the streets of Toronto, phone in hand.

“Kill V. Maim” by Grimes

Grimes and her companions arrived decked out in Mad Max gear at the Lower Bay station for the filming of “Kill V. Maim.”

The Lower Bay station closed in 1966 due to being confusing for transit riders. It has been dubbed the lost TTC station. Mainly, movies and TV shows film in the station, but it’s definitely reminiscent of our regular ride to school.

“Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum

We’re really taking a trip back with this one! “Need You Now” was shot inside the King Edward Hotel in Toronto. Watching the music video is definitely a throw back to 2009. Let’s be honest, it was probably even playing during your adolescent school dances.

Also, the BlackBerry unironically beside the flower petals on the bed is everything. The King Edward Hotel is a historic luxury accommodation probably best known for their afternoon tea these days. However, in the past it has hosted celebrities like Elvis Presley, Brittany Spears and The Beatles.

“Secrets” by The Weeknd

Architect fans and post-secondary students in Toronto probably recognized the Toronto Reference Library and the University of Toronto’s Scarborough Campus the moment they showed up in the Weeknd’s music video for “Secrets.”

The interior of the Toronto Reference Library has a red and white colour scheme with futuristic elevators and curved staircases. The real library only has two elevators compared to the music video but it’s still pretty grand.

It really feels like the perfect space for a dramatic confrontation—or a new study spot. Up to you.

“Started from the Bottom” by Drake

Toronto gets a lot of air time in Drake’s “Started from the Bottom” music video; from the Toronto Parks Forestry & Recreation logo to the CN Tower and over head shots of Liberty Village. And of course, the scenes in the Shoppers Drug Mart. They were filmed in Hamilton, but we can feel the Toronto energy.

Passing through? Drop by local restaurants, the MZTV Museum of Television and Liberty Village Farmers’ Market between early June and late October for local products.

“Work” by Rihanna ft. Drake

In the music video “Work,” Rihanna and Drake enter The Real Jerk, a Caribbean restaurant in Toronto and get their groove on. Not to mention, owner Lily Pottinger is cooking and dancing in the background, plus we get glimpses of the restaurant’s delicious food.

Head down and see the iconic sign yourself, stay for a bite and try out their menu.

There’s a little bit of Toronto is all of these! Did you recognize each place? Now all that’s left is to visit these locations in person and enjoy them for yourself!

Looking for more reasons to love the city? Toronto is the best city to be a student in—here’s why.

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