Good Ol’ Toronto.

Toronto—home of the CN tower, mischievous raccoons, the Toronto Maple Leafs and many, many Humber and UofGH students.

We might complain about the traffic and noise, but here’s why Toronto is the best city to be a student in. 

Multicultural cuisine at every block

No Face from Spirited Away celebrating a feast with various dishes.

One of the best things about Toronto is the amount of food options available to you at every turn. Walk down the block and you’ll find a variety of options for any cuisine you’re craving.

From traditional Middle Eastern cuisine to Korean BBQ and Jamaican patties—there’s thousands of food options from big and small businesses all over the city.

Try out Little Sister, a Dutch Indonesian food bar, for skewers and wraps. Or Woofdawg Hotdog for their selection of loaded and classic hotdogs piled high with toppings.

Not to mention the amazing locally-owned bakeries and cafes like SanRemo, LA LA Bakeshop, Little Sisters Baking and Patisserie Royal just to name a few. These bakeries offer Italian, Vietnamese, Indian and Middle Eastern desserts respectively.

And more than ever businesses are offering take-out and delivery options for wherever you’re located so you can satisfy your craving at anytime!

A plethora of student discounts

The best way to save money is to take advantage of student discounts! Hop on the TTC or GO Transit, both of which offer discounts and passes for post-secondary students. 

Doing some bulk shopping? At Bulk Barn students can save 10% on Wednesdays (stock up and save)! 

Macklemore dramatically putting on a coat in the music video "Thrift Shop."

And there’s the Student Price Card (SPC), for $10 per year this card is applicable to stores like H&M, Adidas, MUJI, Footlocker and more. Typically you can save between 10-15% off. So, if you’re a big shopper at these stores, the SPC can save you money on your regular purchases. 

Additionally, if you’re interest in the arts, students who are 25 and under can visit the AGO and Soul Pepper for free. Soul Pepper doesn’t only offer theatre productions—there are free tickets to artistic workshops and backstage tours.

Nature at your doorstep

Toronto is no doubt a busy city, but within that city are great breaks of green space for when you need to get away from studying and your part-time job to enjoy some fresh air.

Plus, you won’t have to travel far from home to see a picturesque view!

Corgi emerging nose first from under a pile of snow.

Trinity Bellwoods Park, High Park, James Garden, Rowntree Mill Park and Humber Bay Park are great options to explore a trail during the winter and experience all the beauty the season has to offer.

In the spirit of “Valerie” by Mark Ronson ft. Amy Winehouse, go out and look across the water from Colonial Samuel Smith park right by the Lakeshore Campus. It’s a fantastic view!

And if you’re not a fan of a winter walk, try some outdoor ice skating at Cedarvale park, the Bentway or Christie Pits Park.

Opportunities at every corner

We might complain about the hustle and bustle of the city but there’s always something going on in Toronto for every niche and hobby.

ALF from the tv show ALF looking out the binds and window with "FOMO" hovering above.

It’s easy to get FOMO—fear of missing out, when you’re indoors on a Saturday night. But there’s lots of options for you to get involved from the comfort of your home.

If you’re a fan of comedy there’s free virtual stand-up and you can find shows for as low as $10. Toronto is also a city full of musical talent and smaller concerts, whether in-person or online, offer a night of musical enjoyment at a more affordable price for students. 

Not to mention the various hobby clubs and Facebook groups available for you to join. Share photos of your pandemic crocheting, discuss the latest releases at Toronto Library book clubs on zoom and meet new people learning to dance bachata and Kpop.

If your New Year’s resolution was to do some running, joining a running club will keep you motivated! And keep the energy going by dropping-in on Humber Fitness’ virtual classes.  

Your days as a student at Humber and UofGH will only last so long, so make the most of it and enjoy every moment you’re in Toronto!

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