New routines for Saturday, Sunday and Monday?

Looking for the right morning routine? It’ll certainly depend on what type of day you’re planning. A great morning routine can set you up for a relaxing mental health day.

But how about when you want to feel refreshed or reset and ready to work? It only makes sense to fit your routine to your daily goals and attitude.

Ever woken up late and scrambled to get ready—only to realize it’s Saturday? Suddenly crawling back under the covers isn’t as satisfying.

Start your days off right with these three morning routines to relax, refresh and reset.


Garfield relaxing in a hammock drinking juice.

Time to chill out and properly decompress from the past semester of hard work. Let’s take things slow and appreciate each moment.

  1. Sleep in (don’t set an alarm)
  2. Have a slow, hot shower with your favourite smelling soap or body wash
  3. Make a quick but delicious breakfast (or order in—you deserve it!)
  4. Do 20 minutes of stretching and yoga
  5. Watch an episode of your favourite show (or a movie—you’ve got all day!)


BMO from Adventure time taking out batteries, powering off, falling onto new batteries and powering on.

Here’s a routine to feel energized! You’ll need lots of energy to tackle the day with a smile, and keep the party going when it’s your turn to sing karaoke in the evening.

  1. Do your morning routine on FaceTime with friends
  2. Go for a quick jog around the block (energized but not exhausted!)
  3. Lay out the works with some classic breakfast items—pancakes, sausages, bacon
  4. Treat yourself to an icy frappuccino for some caffeine
  5. Wear a new outfit for the first time—it’s like when a Pokémon evolves


Cartoon pink restart button against a yellow background being pushed.

Today’s the day to get stuff done, prepare for the semester ahead and organize your life. There’s lots of way to make it a productive day!

  1. Give yourself a pep talk during that nine minute snooze (you’ve got this!)
  2. Out with the old, in with the new! Clean up products you’ve finished or no longer use in your morning routine
  3. Do some meal prepping for lunch as you whip up breakfast
  4. Enjoy your breakfast while listening to productivity podcasts—hype your day up!
  5. Begin your bullet journal with a to-do list of chores to tackle

Life is all about balancing work and play, remember that taking breaks is good for you! When you need to take a day for yourself, you’ll have these three morning routines ready to go! No matter if it’s a relax, refresh or reset kind of day.

Enjoying a morning routine relies on getting a good night’s rest! So here’s some simple habits that’ll help you have the best sleep of your life.

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