“You don’t have to stay tied and stuck to a particular role.”

Jay shetty

From the realms of the corporate world to sharing his monastic wisdom online, Jay Shetty has come a long way.

At 18, he thought the sole meaning of life was to do well in school, get a good degree, find a good job and live on. This changed when he met an Indian monk. Realizing he had a greater purpose in life, he set out to find it.

His mantra guiding him through it all— “I need to experiment. I need to explore. I need to experience.”

As of today, he’s a motivational speaker, New York Times bestselling author, podcast host, life coach, entrepreneur and Calm’s recently appointed Chief Purpose Officer!

Phew! How does he do it all?!

Well, we asked the same question when we got the opportunity to sit down with him following our latest Real Talks event.

Watch our exclusive interview below to hear Jay’s three tips to lead happier lives and chase success.

As Shetty says, “a perfectly balanced life is a myth,” but we sure do feel more balanced and on track to achieve our goals after hearing some of his best words of wisdom.

And remember, ask yourself, “what kind of life do I want to live?” After all, it’s the first step in finding your purpose.

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