“You learn about leadership by being around other leaders.”

Sophia Amoruso is the perfect person for hopeful entrepreneurs to hear advice from. By age 22 she had already founded her first business, Nasty Gal – an eBay side hustle turned multi-million-dollar business.  

Throughout her journey, Amoruso learned the importance of staying resilient, being able to pivot her ideas and maintaining her motivation, even when the public doubted her abilities.

Since launching Nasty Gal, Amoruso has written a New York Times Bestseller and has continued her entrepreneurial ventures with her latest project – Business Class, an online course dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs launch successful businesses.

For our latest Real Talks, and in celebration of International Women’s Day, IGNITE had the opportunity to chat with Amoruso to hear her insights on balancing ambition, seeking advice and pursuing an entrepreneurial journey.

Check it all out here:


If you haven’t already watched the Netflix original show, Girlboss – inspired by Amoruso’s life, I suggest you stockpile some snacks and get binging.

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