When life gives you uncomfortable places, make them your napping spots!

We’ve all experienced that feeling of a stiff back, legs asleep, and not quite knowing where you are. Whether it’s sitting in an endless 12-hour flight to reach your dream destination or pulling an all-nighter before a crucial exam, desperately seeking just a 20-minute power nap. We get it, sometimes life throws us into the weirdest napping situations. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most uncomfortable places where people have dared to take a nap.


Mr Bean bobbing his head

Those pesky seats on planes, they seem like they were designed in the depths of hell. Even when you manage to recline a bit, there’s always someone taking over your armrests. And heaven forbid you find yourself in the dreaded middle seat of the middle row. Yet, despite the torture, we somehow manage to steal a quick nap, only to wake up with cramps everywhere.

Public Transit

A person sleeping on the bus

Being a student often feels like trying to be in five places at once. You’re constantly on the move, whether it’s grabbing groceries, making your way to campus, or heading off to work. That’s why squeezing in a quick nap during those busy commutes has become an integral part of our student stories.


student falling off the table

Since my kindergarten days, I’ve grown used to ‘head down time,’ where everyone would simply rest their heads on the tables and take a little ‘nap.’ Here’s my full confession: I was never one for those naps. The tables were just too uncomfortable, and they only made me miss my bed even more.

Fast forward to college, where a quick desk nap in the library or during class suddenly felt like pure bliss – until you wake up feeling incredibly uncomfortable and with a mark on your face.


A person laying their barbie blanket on the floor
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I’ll admit, it’s a choice I make, all for that breathtaking sunrise. Sleeping on the ground, rocks digging into you – it’s kind of worth it when you’re surrounded by the stars at night. With camping, no matter how luxuriously you plan, you have to accept that the quality of sleep you get during your trip may not be top-notch.

The nap experts

While we talk about unusual places we uncomfortably nap, here are some iconic people who are experts at napping.

A kid sleeping on a cow
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Mooove over, It’s nap time

A person sleeping at work while their co workers smile
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When duty calls, you take a nap. Introducing our nap CEO.

a student sleeping in an instrument bag
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I mean it’s bass-ically a sleeping bag, so I don’t even blame them.

Want to nap comfortably?

unicorn sleeping on a bed comfortably
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We got you. The IGNITE Sleep Lounge is open! No longer will you have to worry about stiff backs and groggy minds. Catch up on your Z’s at our Lakeshore or North lounge, each Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Just bring your student ID!

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