“Tackle the day before it tackles you.”

Evan Carmichael

How many times have you told yourself that you’ll start waking up early, but you still find yourself going to bed late and sleeping in? Probably more than you can count.

Changing your sleeping habits can be hard, but there are multiple benefits to waking up early that you might be missing out on. Not only does it give you extra time to complete different tasks, but it also has multiple benefits for your mental health.

Need a little encouragement to start waking up earlier?

Here’s how waking up early can boost your mental health:

Gives you time for a proper breakfast

Waking up early means you don’t have to rush through your morning routine and instead, have the time to peacefully get ready to start your day.

Take advantage of this extra time and make yourself a nice breakfast. Research has proved that having a proper breakfast helps result in an improved and uplifted mood. It also helps in keeping anxiety and stress at bay.

Reduces the risk for depression

Waking up early can actually help you lead a happier life.

A study conducted by the University of Colorado at Boulder revealed that waking up an hour earlier from your usual time can cut back the risk of depression by 23 per cent. If you suffer from depression or are prone to depressive thoughts, this might be helpful for you.

Gives you time to exercise

Exercise is known to help with mental health. Not only does it reduces stress and anxiety but also boosts energy, improves self-esteem and memory. If you are busy with school, work and other activities, mornings might be the only time you have for exercise. Make the most of it!

Reduces stress

Waking up early gives you time to complete your to-do list and also to complete extra tasks that you may struggle to find time for during your day. It also gives you time to get to school or to work without rushing. By dealing with these things early on in your day, you can save yourself unnecessary stress and worry.

Increases productivity

Setting and achieving small goals due to having an extra hour in your day can help you stay organized. It also improves productivity and creativity. It may also give you time to try out some new things.

Start by writing out things you’d like to achieve each day and take it from there. You will see a noticeable increase in your productivity.

Improves the quality of sleep

Early risers tend to fall asleep early and do not have as many struggles trying to fall asleep. This leads to an improved bedtime routine and overall improved quality of sleep.

Though it may take some adjustment, as you maintain a consistent routine of waking up early and going to bed early, your body will adjust and ultimately help you have an improved quality of sleep.

Waking up early can do wonders for you if you want a more active and healthy lifestyle. These are just some of the many benefits you might see.

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