Always better together!

Your friend or partner is the one who knows all about your deepest, darkest secrets. They are the Chewbacca to your Han Solo, the Patrick to your SpongeBob and the Timon to your Pumbaa!

Classes have already begun and with all the new faces, there is that one face you have been dreaming of since your teen years. It’s your best friend or your future partner, you just haven’t met them yet.

But once you do, here are the signs to know if they’re right for you!

They always have your back

friend or partner that got your back

A true friend or partner always supports you in good and bad times alike. They do not have ulterior motives behind their kind gestures and are genuine in their actions.

They correct you when you are wrong

friend or partner that corrects you

A good friend or partner will not always agree with your every decision, choice or opinion. However, they will help you realize the pros and cons of your choices and help you when you are wrong.

You feel happy and comfortable around them

feeling joy and at ease

The presence of a good friend or partner will boost your mood and reduce stress. You not only feel relaxed and joyful around them, but their presence inspires you to take better care of yourself – whether that means eating healthier or getting more sleep!

They keep your secrets

they keep your secrets

True friends are trustworthy and loyal, always and forever. You feel comfortable sharing everything with them and they don’t judge you or spill the details to anyone else.  

They motivate you to do better

happy and motivational friend or partner

A true friend or partner is your biggest motivator! They are always encouraging you towards the path leading to success. They are there to support you when needed without question or reward; it’s just what friends do!

They listen to you

they're all ears for you

A good friend or partner is always emotionally available. They will not only listen to your ideas, thoughts and feelings, but also show that they are interested in what you have to say. Instead of giving you bits of advice, they brainstorm solutions with you and ask you about your feelings.

They reciprocate your feelings

friend or partner that reciprocate feelings

This point is not only about them but both of you. For any relationship to exist, it is important to form a balance of giving and taking. Love, appreciation, and care should be mutual in an ideal relationship or friendship.

They respect your boundaries

setting a boundary

A good friendship or partnership balances empathy and understanding with the ability to give personal space. They know when you need your privacy, but are also there when you need them most.

They are forgiving

They forgive and wipe your tears

People make mistakes, and it’s not always easy to show compassion and sympathy. However, the right friend or partner will be blessed with these qualities and will be able to forgive you when you make a mistake. After all, a good relationship thrives on forgiveness.

There is a natural connection

you feel a connection

At last, the biggest sign of a true friend or partner is that the connection between you two is not forced and comes naturally.

Even when you find the one that’s right for you, it doesn’t meant that things will always go smoothly. In any relationship, there will always be some arguments or disagreements. There are times when things are just a little bit harder, but when those times occur, don’t worry. There are ways to work past them, the important thing is to not shutdown. Talk through your concerns and discuss your problems. If you’re having some trouble and don’t know where to start you can always visit our Dispute Resolution Clinic.

The Dispute Resolution Clinic is a great point of contact when you’re faced with a conflict, whether personal or professional, and it’s 100% confidential. You can book your appointment online for free on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays!

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