Dispute Resolution Clinic We get it. Life can be complicated.
Dispute Resolution Clinic Exciting developments are underway at the Dispute Resolution Clinic (DRC)!

The service will be relocated to the Longo Faculty of Business and will now be called the Conflict Resolution Clinic (CRC). There will be no anticipated alterations to the service offerings. 

Students enrolled in the Humber College’s Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) graduate program will continue to provide conflict coaching and mediation services for students facing a variety of conflicts. This includes group-project conflicts, cultural conflicts, and relationship conflicts.

This service is a valuable resource that equips Humber and University of Guelph-Humber students with life skills to navigate emotionally charged situations and achieve overall academic success. 

Our new website is located at: 


Our new booking page is found at: 


We will continue to service students at Humber College and UofGH, and the broader Etobicoke community.

For more information about the clinic please email: crc@humber.ca 


Watch this video to learn more about mediation and conflict resolution strategies to help you navigate through difficult conversations.



Dispute Resolution Clinic
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