It’s time to create more TikTok videos

It’s summer! The weather is warm and sunny meaning you can finally put away those winter jackets!

It’s the perfect time to soak up some sun. And get a tan too.

So, go ahead and plan that trip to Wet ‘n’ Wild or Wonderland. And while you’re having a blast, remember to capture those precious moments by taking pictures and videos. They will come in handy later when creating content and will be a great way to cherish all your summer memories.

Yes, you heard me, create some content this summer. Once you get the hang of things, it’s really simple. Let’s dive into ways you can create content.

Create TikTok videos

Video by Olivia Trivett

Raise of hands, if you love recreating viral dance challenges! If you do, you can create summer content too!

In her video, Olivia describes her day at Toronto Islands. Like Olivia, you can create “A day in the life” videos where you can simply record your visit to your favourite restaurant or latest mall trip. And guess what? The location doesn’t have to be fancy. You can record yourself taking a stroll around your neighborhood and upload your video later.

If you’re interested in creating TikTok videos, follow these instructions.

Write a blog

A snippet of Arlene's blog. She creates mostly fashion, beauty and fashion content.
Photo by Thatgirlarlene

Calling all writers! Do you enjoy writing poems or stories? If you do, you should consider starting a blog. Plus, if you’re stuck on ideas, you can focus on summer content.

Here are some blog ideas:

  • My first time going to an *artist* concert
  • An honest review: restaurants I visited this summer
  • My favourite summer outfits

Now, before you start writing, there are certain things to consider. For example, your target audience, writing style and tone. After all, your goal is to engage with an audience. Once you finalize the details, select a CMS platform and don’t forget about SEO.

It sounds like a lot to digest, but don’t worry. Here’s the perfect guide to starting a blog.

Create Instagram reels

A girl is creating a reel with your friend. She is creating Instagram content.
Photo by Social Cut

I’m sure many of us spend our free time scrolling through Instagram, watching funny reels or even travel reels. What if I told you, you could create reels too?

It’s the perfect way to capture those memorable moments over the summer. Not to mention, you can add trendy audio too. That way, it’s more engaging for your followers.

And nothing is wrong with needing help at first. Practice makes perfect, right? Here are some helpful tips for creating Instagram reels.

Now that you’re aware of simple ways to create content, get your camera ready. While living it up this summer, remember to take some pictures and videos to add them to your content creation. Plus, if you enjoy engaging with your followers, you can consider content creation as a side gig.

Perhaps, in the long run, you will become an Influencer.

P.S. It’s another skill to have under your belt.

Here are some TikTokers you can follow for inspiration.

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