DC Young Fly brings the LOL’s wherever he goes.

The Georgia-based rapper and comedian worked hard to pick up his life in Atlanta to become a hit in the entertainment industry.

DC Young Fly Rapping to fans
Photo by Brandon Ferguson

As a young boy in school, he was known as the class clown and always had a knack for making people laugh. Using his comedic skills, he has now become a renowned, fan-favourite act on Wild ‘N Out.

We sat down to chat with DC on his biggest inspirations, how he stays motivated, and how to deal with the WORST bullies.

Check out what he had to say:

Live performances are largely unpredictable, how do you deal with people not laughing or responding to your content?

“I don’t really have that issue much. If that does happen, all I have to do is keep going and go with the flow. Being a comedian is live. You have to perfect your craft and know that when you go on stage that whoever’s in the crowd is going to laugh. I work on my material enough that I can pretty much persuade you.”

Making people laugh evidently comes naturally for DC. Its gotten to the point where almost anything he says can make people crack up.

How do live performances differ from having your own time and freedom to produce content? Which do you prefer?

“Live performances are good because you get to sense how they feel about you right away. You get their honest first impression. When you get to rehearse, you take out the comedy feeling from it.”

DC further explains how he prefers live performance mostly because of the audience’s live reactions whereas when you have your own time to create comedy, you don’t get that same honest reaction.

DC thrives off of fast-paced environments where he can say one joke and quickly move on to the next one.

What were some influential factors or artists that inspired you to pick up your life in Georgia and pursue a career in the entertainment industry?

“All the comedians really who I look up to like Carlos Miller, Tony Roberts, Kevin Hart, Katt Williams and many more. I look up to all of them.”

The show is described as “lightning fast comedic improv,” how do you work towards coming up with ideas in such a fast paced environment?

“Basically, I like hearing what people have to say about me so I can pick up off of what they say and hit them with something like a rebuttal. Improv is good because it’s your first thought. So it’s just like, SAY IT, even if you’re scared. Forget about that and just say it.”

With fans often come non-supporters, how do you deal with criticism and bullying from these people and do you have any advice for anyone who could be struggling with bullies themselves?

“9 times out of 10, bullies are scared and soft themselves, they just know how to talk. They don’t even know that’s a good skill for them. They just need to apply it somewhere different and actually make something of themselves. I feel like the Internet hyped bullying back up because it went down for a bit.”

DC goes on to tell us about how growing up in the South taught him southern hospitality. Where he’s from, they didn’t deal with bullies.

“We don’t like having people pick on somebody else. Especially not somebody who isn’t going to fight back and isn’t that type of person. If I see someone picking on someone, I need to speak up. They don’t deserve that. Why do you have to bully them? Just go on about your business. Back where I’m from, we’re like a family. We don’t tolerate anybody getting picked on.”

DC Young Fly Holding Microphone
Photo by Brandon Ferguson

After the cast’s great performance at IGNITE’s Frost event, DC still managed to make people smile throughout the rest of the night with his infectious, positive attitude.

Though DC is one of the biggest stars on the rapping, roast show, Wild ‘N Out, he still promotes positivity to all his fan base and strives to make people happy.

It takes talent to be able to make people laugh. DC Young Fly is one of the few that has perfected his craft. DC continuously makes people laugh through his own content, improv, and roasts.

Keep on smiling, DC.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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