“My biggest fan base is Toronto … I feel like my fan base grew here first.” – Smokepurpp

With strobe lights dancing around the room and bodies moving to the beat of the music, Frosh went down as a smashing success. Students from all campuses came out to support their school and watch the artists perform for two epic nights. Before the show started, we sat down with Smokepurpp and MadeinTYO to discuss their latest releases, careers, and life in general.

Here is what they had to say:



Tell me about the beginning of your career.

“I would really say that there was never really a beginning, because I kind of just put a song and video out and it went viral, so I never really had time to get ready or have a beginning. It just kind of exploded quick, I didn’t have time to get used to it.”


How has GG Allin inspired you?

“Just GG Allin’s energy he brings on stage, my energy is nowhere near matching GG Allin’s but I try to go crazy like he does. He’s real punk, just like me. I think I’m punk, like in my style.”


What was it like working with Lil Pump?

“Pump is my brother so like we’re together every single day. Right now it’s Free Pump. When he gets out we’re back together.”


What about Gucci Gang? What’s that all about?

“Gucci Gang, that’s me and Pump’s, I guess you could say, music group. That’s what we are; there’s Smokepurpp, Lil Pump, and then there’s us together which is Gucci Gang.”


You found a lot of success on SoundCloud, what is your opinion of it and do you think it will continue to be a successful streaming platform?

“Yeah definitely, it will continue to be successful. It helped me get to where I’m at now. I built up a cult fanbase and it kind of started on SoundCloud. So it really helped me get where I wanted to get. I think it will continue to be the same way as long as people are putting good music on there.”


What is your opinion of the current state of the music scene?

“My opinion on the current state of the music scene? I don’t know it just switches up so much, that there’s never really enough time to have an opinion – music changes almost every day. These days there’s people named Lil Toe, Lil this, Lil that. I like where it’s at right now personally. Not necessarily because it’s in my favour or anything, I just like it.”


Where is your favourite place to perform and why?

“It’s going to sound crazy since you guys are from here and you’re not going to believe me, but Toronto. I like Toronto a lot. My biggest fan base is in Toronto and L.A., and I think it’s because all of the early co-signs in my career, everybody was from Toronto: The Weekend, NAV, Drake. People from Toronto were the first ones showing me love so I feel like my fan base grew here first.”


As you didn’t choose post-secondary what is your opinion of it?

“My mom wanted me to go to college and stuff. I was going to try and do it you know for my mom, but I started making music and everything happened while I was a senior [in high school]. I got kicked out of school because I was a distraction [to the students], and I never really had to go to post-secondary. I was going to go, you know, do it for my mom.”


If you didn’t choose music, what career would you have done?

“If I didn’t choose music, I don’t know what I would be doing. I’ve always known I’ve wanted to do music. If it wasn’t this, I don’t know. I probably wouldn’t be able to live.”




How do you feel about performing this show?

“It’s going to be lit. I’ve been getting so many DM’s and people telling me to hurry up and get on stage. First of all, I like Canada and Toronto. I like the venue, it looks dope. I’m excited.”


Talk to me about your latest release “Ned Flanders” and collaborating with A$AP Ferg.

“A$AP Ferg, that’s my homie. K Switch who produced [Ned Flanders] also did “Uber Everywhere”, and then there’s K Boy P on most of my catalogue. It’s dope, it’s the homies on it, it’s fun working with my friends. It’s my new single, which is pretty lit.” 


What’s the most defining moment of your career so far?

“You know I’m going to tell you one of the best moments so far, was Mac Miller bringing me out on stage, and maybe like recently the Smokers Club event, where we performed our song. That’s the first thing that’s on my mind when I think about big moments.”


If you could give one piece of advice to our students what would it be and why?

“Be yourself, because when [you’re] yourself and you win, it’s easy to continue it. But if you fake it until you make it, it’s kind of hard to like keep that going. I think like when people are themselves it’s the most genuine, the most real thing, especially when you meet somebody that’s like you. So just be yourself.”       


*All interviews have been edited for length and clarity

*Photos by Brandon Ferguson

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