A change of environment does wonders.

Have you heard of café hopping? Well, it involves people visiting multiple cafés in a single day and trying the best coffees in town. Sounds fun right?

Well, students like myself are always hunting for amazing study spots. Just like café hopping, we search and try different spots until we find the right one. It’s pretty much our “study space” for the day.

And since it’s summer, I’m sure you’re trying to soak up all the vitamin D you can, which means you’re in luck. Here are six cool study spots you should visit this summer. That way, you can abandon your room and enjoy the weather!

Sonndr Café

Two women are sitting down and talking to each other in Sonndr Cafe (study spots)
Photo by Designlines

Sonndr Café is not your typical coffee bar. The chic design and cozy environment make it perfect for studying and completing assignments.

And if you prefer to study in groups, Sonndr is the perfect place because there’s tons of space for group studying.

Toronto Reference Library

The Toronto library is filled with  a lot of books for students and professionals to use.
Photo by Storeys

Located on Yonge Street, the Toronto Reference Library offers everything a student needs. This includes a vast collection of DVDs, ebooks and other library material. Plus, if you’re an avid reader, you can always borrow books too!

And guess what? You can use the materials around you if you’re having challenges understanding a topic.

Coffee Lunar

Coffee Lunar's kitchen is well-organized. Different appliances area available to make their hot beverages.
Photo by Yelp

If you’re someone who loves lattes or cappuccinos, say less! Coffee Lunar offers the perfect blend of hot beverages and pastries.

Let’s imagine you’re studying for a few hours. Chances are you’re likely to feel hungry at some point. I’m sure there’s something on the menu to satisfy your hunger.

Also, Coffee Lunar has indoor and outdoor seating, making it easier to enjoy the warm weather.

Ace Hotel

Ace Hotel is designed with cozy furniture. There's a lot of greenery in the lobby. (study spots)
Photo by Dezeen

I know it seems strange, but apparently, you can use the lobby at Ace Hotel for studying. Its cozy furniture and design, make this hotel an ideal study spot. And who doesn’t want to feel relaxed when studying?

Balzac’s Coffee Roasters

A group of friends are talking with each other in Balzac's Coffee Roasters
Photo by Yelp

Balzac’s Coffee Roasters is known for its friendly staff and spectacular coffee.

Plus, I’m sure we all have our unique studying habits. Maybe you like drinking coffee or eating chips. Whatever it might be, this coffee shop offers everything you need to study. That way, your study sessions won’t be interrupted easily.

Lake Ontario

The waters of Lake Ontario are blue and calm. Downtown Toronto can be seen in the background.
Photo by Momondo

Calling all NATURE LOVERS! A change of scenery won’t hurt.

The lake is behind the Lakeshore campus. All you need are a pair of sunglasses before strolling down there. And don’t worry, there are tons of benches available to work on your iPads or laptops.

P.S. Ensure charge your devices before going to the lake

Although you have classes during the summer, you can always change your environment when studying. And that includes visiting these amazing study spots.

Another thing to consider is crowds. Popular spots like these can get busy. My recommendation is to go early and find a good spot. And don’t forget your headphones too! You’re gonna need them.

Plus, if you’re having challenges creating the perfect study schedule, don’t worry! We have you covered.

Remember, your goal is to study smart, not hard. Here’s how you can study smart by discovering your learning style.

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