Let the rhythms guide your academic journey through highs and lows

As we settle into the new semester and the new year, it’s the perfect time for a refresh and rebrand to inspire you to achieve your goals. Whether it’s getting a fresh haircut or adding a cute wardrobe staple, these small changes can make a big impact.

To complement your fresh goals and new looks, we’ve curated a playlist just for you. Check out our latest playlist obsession for an epic and motivating school year ahead!

Here are some upbeat songs to get you locked in

“I Ain’t Worried” by OneRepublic is a feel-good, upbeat pop rock that will clear away all your worries. Just like the song title, start your school year with utmost positivity.

Another good song for the playlist. Imagine Dragons’s “On Top Of The World” will get you motivated in an instant!

With an upbeat tempo and positive lyrics, the song makes you feel like the main character. If you ever feel like something is holding you down and need a little pick me up, remember you are “On Top Of The World”.

Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars” will amaze you. Starting with a piano riff and melancholic atmosphere, the song gradually transitions into a more euphoric sound. Lastly, it finishes with a dance-pop feel, elevating from an alternative rock-oriented beginning vibe.

This song will hype you up like you are at one of Coldplay’s legendary concerts.

The epitome of rock. Prepare to get in the zone with Motley Crue’s “Kickstart My Heart“.

Through powerful guitar riffs and a fast-paced tempo, the song contains enough dopamine and adrenaline to keep you energized through out the day.

Let’s discover some soothing melodies for late-night studying

While high-energy beats set the scene on fire, we need some lo-fi inspo for those late night cram sessions.

Whenever you need to burn the midnight oil, check out these comforting songs to make the night more efficient.

Harry Styles’s “Late Night Talking” is a 70s-esque song that will bring you the warmth and intimacy of after-hour conversation. It’s the perfect song if you need some sound to break the silence of the night.

Lost In Japan” by Shawn Mendes will take you on a late-night journey (probably to Japan) through its captivating melody and polished production. (I mean, who doesn’t love Shawn Mendes).

One of many signature tracks of the pop icon and Canadian pride Justin Bieber “What do you mean?” is a catchy pop hit with smooth vocals that will turn your study nights from mundane to memorable!

Last but not the least, “Little Things” by One Direction will warm your heart during those long nights. The song’s gentle melody and acoustic charm make it a must-have on any late-night studying playlist.

Ready to press play?


Let the beats keep you pumped during the highs and create a zen atmosphere for those late-night study grinds. So, hit play, vibe, and let the music be your sidekick as you tackle the adventures of the upcoming school year.

Photo by Marcela Laskoski on Unsplash.

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