Identity theft is not a joke, Jim!

Dwight Schrute

April fools’ day is just around the corner, so be the Jim to your Dwight for a day filled with laughter and fun.

Here are some pranks you can harmlessly play on your friends!

Swap sugar with salt

Salt bae graphic

Salt in a cup of tea or coffee could really confuse one’s taste buds. So try replacing the sugar with the salt.

We think this little switcharoo could really wake them up!

Replace the soap in the bathroom

Person washing hands

Nothing is more annoying than a soap that doesn’t do its job. A soap that doesn’t lather is ought to create some confusion. Replace the soap and watch the confusion unfold.

Change the language settings on someone’s phone

A gif of a confused dog depicting confusion at a prank

Continuing the confusion saga, change the language on your friends’ phone to a language they don’t know. The look on their faces when they try to figure their phone settings out in a different language will be worth it.

Add a touch of hot sauce

person in pain because of hot sauce

Bring in the heat by adding a little bit of hot sauce on your friends food when they least expect it!

Change the settings on someone’s computer mouse

gif of A man depicting confusion (idea for pranks)

A little speed hurt no one!

A change in the mundane part of lives could add a little laughter in the workplace or classroom. Change up the settings to see it unfold.

Replace the office stapler with a toy stapler

A gif of a scene from the office where the stapler is jello as one of the idea for pranks

A stapler that doesn’t work. Live your office dreams by replacing a working stapler with a toy stapler for a few laughs.

Remember to keep all your pranks harmless and lighthearted. Avoid offending someone’s sentiments just for a few laughs.

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