The cottage is the perfect summer escape.

Whether it be swimming in the lake, boating on a new adventure, or making delicious BBQ, cottages can be a great place to kick back and relax from your regular every day activities.

It truly is a luxury and we want to help you make the most of it. Here’s your guide to going to the cottage for the first time.

Wear sunscreen

Summer Beach GIF by Stophouse Music Group

Of course, we have to start with precautions and sunscreen is a must. You may think you “don’t need it” but you can avoid some serious pain if you think proactively.

Remember to always apply sunscreen, even when it looks like the sun isn’t there.

Pack extra clothes

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Some cottages can be in places with adventurous hiking trails or great bodies of water. It’s important to pack clothes for all possible activities and to even pack a few extra t-shirts or shorts in case things get dirty.

Bring smores supplies

Smores at the cottage

A classic North American cottage trip wouldn’t be complete without an outdoor campfire. And in our opinion, a campfire isn’t complete without some smores.

So, always be prepared with chocolate, gram crackers, and marshmallows! Pro-tip, “Celebration Cookies” taste the best with smores! You can also by smore packs at most grocery stores!

Bring pool floaties

Pool Party at the cottage

Make sure to stop by Walmart or Canadian Tire on your way up to the cottage because what could be better than floating across the lake on a hot summer day?

Pack lots of food and snacks

GIF by The Good Place

Depending on where the cottage is, you may be in a rural area with no stores close by. If this is the case, it’s a great idea to pack enough food and snacks for the duration of your stay. Just coordinate with the other people you’re going with so you don’t end up with 24 hotdogs and no buns.

Plus you’re almost guaranteed to work up an appetite after some hiking and swimming and will be thankful for all the snacks!

We hope this list will help to make your first cottage trip a blast! If you don’t have a cottage or know a friend with one, there are plenty of Airbnbs to rent out across Ontario and Canada! Happy cottaging!

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