The one stop destination to living your best life in college—IGNITE!

If we had a dollar for every time our parents, relatives, and random strangers at Tim Hortons talked about how college was the best time of their lives, we’d have been able to pay off our student debt by now.

If you’re anything like us, college seems more like being in a pressure cooker waiting to burst, than an environment to ‘have a blast’ in.

Woman holding her head in stress.

But post-secondary is a once-in-a-lifetime chapter for most students and enjoying your time there should be a priority.

So, how can you live your best life while simultaneously balancing academics and work?

*Drumroll, please*

Through IGNITE!

Woman saying, "We got this."

IGNITE’s events offer perfect opportunities to meet new people, gain fresh skills, and make the most out of your time in college.

Also, the best part is, they’re FREE!

Read along to know how you can live your best life through IGNITE’s events.

Find the perfect friends’ circle

Man saying, "Did we just become best friends?"
His friend, "Yep."
Both clap hands.

Be it in college or your workplace, having the right set of friends makes all the difference.

Having somebody to complain about assignments, attend events, and explore new places with makes student life more enjoyable.

With most post-secondary students moving to a new city for education, it can be difficult to find friends you can connect with.

Luckily for Humber and UofGH students, IGNITE’s events help you solve this problem!

This year, for first-year students, IGNITE created IGNITE Connect as a way for students to virtually meet each other.

Also, Frosh, Frost, and events by IGNITE’s clubs are another great way to meet people!

So, no matter how unique your interests are, we’ve got events to help you connect with friends to accompany you through all the ups and downs of your student life.

Get professional advice to head start your career

Man saying, "Let me hit you with some knowledge."

One of the most common factors holding students back from enjoying their time at college is the worry about employment.

“How does one get an internship?” “Is getting rejected by companies normal?” “How does one attain success?” It’s tough appreciating your time as a student when all these worries plague your mind.

IGNITE’s events are the best place to find tips and tricks to maximize career success.

Real Talks, The Black Excellence Conference, the Mature Student Experience panel, and other discussion-based events bring in successful personalities from different fields to provide you with career advice that has been tried and tested. Keep your eyes peeled for more events like this coming your way!

With these events being headlined by guests like Tiffany Haddish, Ruth E. Carter, Jay Shetty, and Hasan Minhaj, you can bet they know what they’re talking about!

Also, LinkedIn workshops and the virtual headshots event offer the perfect opportunities to upgrade your work profile and resume.

Develop new skills

Child saying, "It's time to get our learn on."

Post-secondary is a time to experiment and learn different skills, and the best way to do this is through IGNITE’s workshops!

Just last year IGNITE hosted the workshops ‘LinkedIn for Students’ and ‘The International Student’s Guide to Money Management.’ Events like these are a great way to upskill yourself!

Enhance your personal life

Woman saying, "Focus on your critical self-care."

Let’s be honest, student life is chaotic.

You’re going through major life changes, juggling academics and work, and trying to maintain a social life (emphasis on trying).

In the midst of this chaos, personal wellbeing can often be sidelined.

To ensure you achieve a perfect work-life balance, IGNITE’s Real Talks features guests who offer tips to nurture your wellbeing!

Previously, IGNITE has also, hosted events like the ‘Body Positive Fitness Class’. Who knows what event will be next!?

Unwind and have fun!

Two men pushing their hands up in the air and dancing.

And lastly—all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

While it is important to focus on your academics, it is equally important to let loose and have fun!

And what better way to do this than by attending IGNITE’s events!

From concerts like FROSH and FROST, to Comic Expos and Halloween parties, we’ve got events that present you with perfect opportunities to unwind.

So be it acing your academics, achieving career success, or staying on top of your social life, IGNITE has got you covered with events to make the best out of them all!

Man saying, "Are you readyyyyy?"

This year, to help you live your best life, IGNITE presents Hype Hall!

Celebrate the end of the academic year on Tuesday, April 5, at this FREE in-person event taking place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Universal Event Space (6250 Highway 7, Vaughan, ON, L4H 4G3).

With activities like,

  • Photo Opps
  • Art activities
  • Sports and games
  • Selfcare
  • Live entertainment
  • Food and refreshments

You’re guaranteed to have the time of your life!

Also, by participating in the event you get a chance to win giveaways like IGNITE-branded Fitbits, hoodies, and sneakers!

Register now reserve your spot for a fun-filled day!

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