F is for friends who do stuff together…

If you ever changed schools as a kid, or started at a new workplace, or been the new person…anywhere, really, you know how important that first friend is.

A new setting is a new frontier. To you, it’s the wilderness — but to the people already there, it’s a bustling metropolis, already brimming with deeply set social rules. Navigating an environment like that is freakin’ terrifying. Everyone already knows you’re “the new one” — what if you do something that signals to them you don’t belong? What if you accidentally transgress one of their mutually understood but always unspoken laws? How do you prove to them that you’re cool, that you can hang?

How do you do, fellow kids?

Once you have that first friend, though, everything changes. Finally — an ally in the battle for acceptance into an established community. A guide to show you the ins and outs of socializing in this sphere — or at least a comrade to figure them out with. A blatant signal to others that — see, look — you can fit in here.

That first friend changes everything.

How you can make your first friend on campus

If you’re a first-year Humber College or UofGH student, you can make friends at school and win some snazzy prizes thanks to IGNITE Connect!

Running from Monday, Aug. 30 to Friday, Sept. 3 in one-hour sessions between 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. , IGNITE Connect is a brand-new initiative designed to help you meet other incoming Humber College and UofGH students virtually before the semester begins. All you have to do is login at IGNITEconnect.ca, set up a quick digital profile and get mingling!

Once you’ve matched with a potential bestie, the two of you can work together to win either a FitBit or a Roots hoodie and start the semester in style. Just ask five to six questions to get to know each other, take a screenshot of your digital avatars together and enter to win your prize — it’s as simple as that.

However, there is a limited number of prizes available. So, to make sure you get yours, log in as early in the week as you can and don’t wait to reach out to your peers! And, please note, this initiative is only available for first-year students.

Awkwafina holds a trophy.

IGNITE Connect connects you to other first-years so, the first time you step on campus, that first friend is already waiting.

As a first-year student, you should connect with your peers. But there’s another group of students you should get to know: your IGNITE Board of Directors.

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