When one door closes, open it again. That’s how doors work.

You’ve carefully crafted your cover letter, painstakingly shuffled through relevant job experience, rehearsed countless interview questions, picked a killer work-fit, rocked the interview—and, you didn’t get the job. 

No matter what stage you’re at in the job process, being turned down can tank your confidence. But, before you have a pity-party, there are tools at your disposal to help you cope through rejection.

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Regain that confidence and learn how to make a comeback with these rejection survival tips:


First things first, give thanks

SNL Donald Trump taking deep breaths

Before you get flustered with emotions, take a deep breath and draft a thank-you email. After all, the ‘no’ of today may be the ‘yes’ of tomorrow, so don’t burn bridges!

Use this as a networking opportunity; add the hiring manager on LinkedIn, have them peep your new headshots taken at the Career Boutique, and be on the lookout for new opportunities within the company. Your passion, loyalty, and commitment will speak volumes.


Have a plan B, and C, and E 

Character from The Hangover plotting a plan

When your dream job doesn’t work out according to plan it’s important to have a back-up—and if you’re anything like me, you’ll have at least 20. Working for your dream company might not come easy and you may face rejection a few times.

Plan ahead with job and volunteer opportunities that’ll bulk up your resume and make you a standout future candidate. This way if your plan A falls through, you won’t be left scrambling for success.


Be kind, yet critical 

Adventure Time character saying "im not weird and creepy, I'm cool and awesome."

It’s important to be kind to yourself after hearing a hard-hitting ‘no.’ Don’t overthink, criticize, or become fixated on what’s wrong with you. Instead, acknowledge what your strengths are and how you can highlight them going forward. Take this experience as a humbling learning opportunity and think critically about how you can build upon your current skills.

Looking for on-campus help? You can utilize outside resources such as the Career Boutique and Humber/Guelph-Humber’s Career Advising Services to give you some unbiased perspective!


Move onward 

Dwight saying "it's true."

Sure, you didn’t get the position as the regional manager but there’s always assistant to the regional manager.

The truth is, this isn’t the end of the world! A ‘no’ to you is not a ‘no’ to your future. Don’t let the downward spiral of negative self-talk distract you from your goals. Remind yourself of your achievements, work ethic, and the skills you possess; then get back on the saddle and find that perfect job.

At the end of the day, we will all face rejection one way or another. The good news? The more rejection we face, the better we are at receiving it, bouncing back, and growing both as individuals and professionals.

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