Spend the day the right way!

With Family Day around the corner, I’m sure you’re thinking of using the day to relax. Maybe you are planning on binging your favourite series, or getting some well-needed rest. I mean, you can never sleep too much, right? Although you might have your plans for spending the day, we have some ideas that will add some fun and excitement! Besides, it’s Family Day, so it’s only fair to spend the day with family or friends who feel like family.

Here’s how you can make the most out of Family Day.

Watch a movie

A couple is watching a movie at the theatre. They're eating popcorn.

You can never go wrong with going to the movies, especially with your closest friends. Whether you’re down for a horror/action movie, Cineplex has got you covered! Simply, choose a time and buy your tickets.

Plus, if you want the best movie experience, you should consider buying VIP tickets. That way, it’s less crowded with more food options. And instead of breaking the bank on food, you and your friends can share.

Go ice skating

Two friends are ice skating. They're having a blast, which includes falling. (Family Day)

It’s Winter and there’s one thing you must do before the season ends! Go ice skating!

There are many skating rinks in Toronto for you and your family to explore. It is usually free with some rinks offering free skate rentals.

If you’re looking for the best outdoor skating rinks, here are some suggestions:

  • Nathan Phillips Square – it’s the perfect spot for Insta-worthy photos
  • The Bentway Skate Trail – features free skate rentals and hot chocolate
  • WinterViews – offers the best city views and cozy cabins

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and decide on which skating rink to visit. And if you’re not a pro at skating, that’s okay! Practice makes perfect!

Visit the AGO

One of Brian's famous KAWS sculpture is on display.
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Brooklyn artist Brian Donnelly’s KAWS Exhibition has made its debut at the AGO. By bridging the worlds of art and popular culture, visitors will get to see his creative process and artworks. Featuring murals, sketches and paintings, this is an exhibition you don’t want to miss!

Plus, if you own clothing from the KAWS collection, here is your chance to see his work. But don’t wait too long! The exhibition will end on March 31.

Have a chill day at home

Two friends are playing Monopoly. The guy in the cream shirt is upset and flips the Monopoly board. (Family Day)

If you’re not in the mood to go out, just have a chill day at home. You can invite your friends over to play games and hang out.

Plus, nothing beats a good game of Uno or Jenga. And if you want to make things a little more interesting, play a game of Monopoly. That way, you can see who’s lucky enough to advance far into the game and be crowned the winner!

Family Day is all about spending time with your loved ones and closest friends. Now that you have some ideas on how to spend the day, go ahead and make your plans.

If you’re an international student, we know the feeling of being homesick on holidays, don’t spend the day alone. Instead, spend the day with friends who feel like family to make the most out of the day.

Students who live in Residence

IGNITE student ambassadors are standing outside the Residence building and smiling for their photo to be taken.

For all the students living in Residence, don’t worry! IGNITE has a surprise for you! As we know how difficult it is to be away from family, we want to make the day extra special. But, we don’t want to ruin the surprise. You’ll have to wait and see!

Have a great Family Day and be sure to follow us on Instagram for more updates!

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