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Are you a recent grad looking to move? We got you! Canada, as we know, is not a small country. Each of its provinces and cities offer a different side of Canada. Moving can be hard, but with a city that appeals to your taste, the adventure is worth it. Whether you’re looking to move or want a fresh start after graduation, these cities might be for you.

 Here are six Canadian cities to consider after graduation:


A shot of the CN tower against the blue sky

Let’s be real, as the home of Humber College and the University of Guelph-Humber, Toronto is our favourite. Apart from being Canada’s largest city, it is also often considered to be the best city in the world and with good reason. Known as the hub of diversity and multiculturalism, Toronto has everything to offer. From beautiful Instagram-worthy spots to multicultural cuisine, it’s safe to say you’ll never be bored here. Living in Toronto you’ll get to see the four seasons, have easy access to green spaces and get to experience the beautiful neighbourhoods. 


Bird's eye view photography of high-rise buildings.

Frequently rated among the world’s most livable cities, Vancouver is a great place to live after graduating college and it offers many employment opportunities. Surrounded by scenic mountains, Vancouver offers some of the most amazing outdoor experiences such as hikes and snow games. To top that, it has nine exquisite beaches, eight of which are right on the Pacific Ocean. So you’ll never struggle to find a place for a swim or to sunbathe.


Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia at sunset.

The capital of Nova Scotia can be a fun place to live. Being the busy hub of Atlantic Canada, Halifax is known for its beautiful landscapes, extraordinary seafood and historic allure. Being a fresh graduate, Halifax may be the perfect place for you to live. You may be able to find more reasonable prices for houses as compared to other cities in Canada. And that idyllic scenery definitely adds to the allure.


Calgary skyline, featuring the Calgary Tower and Saddledome in the wintertime.

Calgary has been frequently ranked as the cleanest city in the world. Among major cities in Canada, Calgary also gets the most sunshine, so you won’t be worried about being stuck in bad weather. As of February 2021, the average age of Calgary’s population was 37.6 years. The city is full of liveliness and vibrant energy. A good place for a fresh college grad? We’d say so!


A small hut on green fields in Regina.

Often known as the Queen City, Regina is the capital city of Saskatchewan. If you’re looking for affordable housing, along with good quality of life, Regina might be the place for you. Regina offers various amenities and activities to its residents such as festivals and events throughout the year. You can travel to anywhere within the city in 20 minutes which not only saves time but saves you from the pains of a long commute.


Night time view of Montreal city.

Montreal is the place for diversity, imagination and bilingualism. The city offers year-long festivities and has a vibrant culture. Montreal also has the best nightlife as compared to other Canadian cities. If you ever want to go dancing, you won’t have any trouble finding a place in Montreal which has a variety of clubs and bars playing great music. Don’t know French? This can be your chance to learn a second language!

Moving to a new city can be a fun and exciting adventure and in these cities, you’ll get a glimpse of a new side of Canadian culture. 

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