We’re back!

As we creep closer to May (after the little hiccup presented by finals, of course), the hype for summer is REAL! I, for one, am absolutely thrilled at the prospect of no exams, warm balmy temperatures, blossoming tulips, the best parties and concerts, and countless camping experiences. Wondering how you can kick off the start of a joyful summer in style? Two words – HYPE. HALL.

This year’s Hype Hall is set to be legendary. Right from arcade games that will transport you back to your childhood to a nail bar to help you flaunt those perfect summer nails, IGNITE has your back. And nothing is perfect without food to go along. Whether it’s rich and toasty hot dogs or a creamy mac and cheese you’re craving, eat as much as you while enjoying the countless activities we have in store for you.

Arcade all day!

A cartoon character playing in an arcade.

Remember those days when your biggest worry was beating the high score on your favorite arcade game? Well, at Arcade Alley, we’re bringing back that nostalgic thrill! Dive into a world of pixelated fun where every joystick maneuver and button smash could earn you the title of gaming champ. From classic games to modern-day masterpieces, we’re gonna put your skills to the test!

Time to get tatted!

A man displaying a tattoo on his chest saying "No Ragrets."

Have you been dying to get that cool tattoo but been too scared to take the forever leap? Or, like me, do you faint diva-style at the prospect of needles? Our temporary tattoo booth, Inked and Inspired, is the perfect spot for you to let your imagination run free, pain- and commitment-free. Choose from countless captivating designs and let our team bring your vision to life, letting you finally enjoy that tattoo, stressfree! Join us for a personalized experience that celebrates your individuality and creativity.

Keeping it hush hush

A man grooving to a silent disco headset.

Who says you need loud music to have a good time? At Club Hush, we’re taking the party to a whole new level with a silent dance extravaganza! Slip on a pair of wireless headphones, tune in to the beat, and dance like nobody’s watching (because, well, they can’t hear it anyway!). DJs Royale and Lynz are ready to spin some silent beats that’ll keep you grooving all night long.

B-ball thrill

A man playing basketball saying "Let it rain" while dunking.

Get your game face on and step into the thrill of Net Connect! This larger-than-life battle, combining the classic Connect 4 game with the adrenaline of basketball halftime shows, guarantees to get your heart racing. Strategically place your basketballs, outsmart your opponent, and secure victory while winning awesome prizes along the way!

Welcome to Snack Shack

A man asking if there are snacks available.

At Snack Shack, the push of a button will deliver delicious treats straight from our interactive wall. Did you play a nice game of Net Connect or spend an hour getting a tattoo, and wanna grab a quick bite before your next adventure? Swing by our interactive wall, play a quick game and bag a sweet surprise.

DIY designer time

A woman celebrating on the runway.

Bored with your current wardrobe but not ready to splurge on new summer outfits? We’ve got your back! At Hype Hall, you’ll get a chance to tap into your inner Fashion Week designer vibe and create your perfect ensemble. From hoodies to tees, tote bags to snapbacks, our DIY clothing station is your playground for personal expression. Mix, match, and create a custom masterpiece that screams you! What’s more, you’ll have experts from Peace & Cotton there to guide you!

Pop-up barbershop

Character Edward Scissorhands trims a woman's hair.

Want to show off a drippy hairstyle this summer? I’ll be the first to admit it, I’ve put off getting a trim for quite some time now to “save up” for a good one. With that (sad) fact in mind, I found some relief in Hype Hall’s lineup: the pop-up Hype Hall Barbershop, brought to you by Trendsetters Barbershop. Their skilled barbers will help you figure out the coolest cuts that you can rock, at no cost. Time to revisit those Pinterest boards and figure out your perfect style!

Summer nails, anyone?

Singer Beyonce showcasing nail art.

Take off your peeling, chipped nail polish and create a nail art board on Pinterest, because the Hype Hall Pop-Up Nail Bar is going to be the spot to turn up the heat on your look. Talented nail techs will bring your summer nails to life with quick designs and cool colours! This one’s definitely not one you should miss out on.  

Now, if all these events haven’t convinced you get, we have one last bit of info you shouldn’t miss: GIVEAWAYS! Hype Hall 2024 will see students winning over 1000 plushies from our signature claw machines (if you’ve ever played on campus, you know that’s a sure shot win), an unreal shoe giveaway at the shoe station where you can win Jordans, Dunks and Yeezy’s, and the best part – enter a raffle to win an Xbox or Play Station 5!

With all these incredible activities and more waiting for you at Hype Hall, why wait any longer? Grab your $10 ticket, rally your squad, and get ready to make memories. We’ll see you at Hype Hall on Thursday, April 4, 2024 at the Universal Event Space in Vaughan. Let the good times roll on!

Feature photo via IGNITE

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