The biggest flex of all brain games? Minesweeper champion.

Want to make the most out of your time? There’s nothing like a little brain game session while waiting for your Uber Eats order. Flex your muscles and put your mind to the test in strategy, concentration, math and memory games.

Plus, get the whole squad in on the action and play some brain games with friends! So here’s the best solo and group brain games you have to play.


Wordle’s rise to frame brought a new challenge every day—or a new frustration if you’ve ever given up and gone to look for the answer. The aim of the game is to guess the word within six tries by using five letter words.

With each attempt, the game will tell you if you have a correct letter and if it’s in the right position. You can play Wordle solo or against friends.


Sudoku is the grandmother of brain games. On the nine by nine grid there are square sections. Each section needs to contain the numbers one through nine while not repeating any numbers in the rows and columns.

Beginner sudoku can be super fun while still posing a challenge.

Train of Thought

On Luminosity, Train of Thought is an attention game where the player alters railroad tracks to send trains to the matching colour station. It’s a game that involves planning, quick action and careful concentration.

These trains won’t direct themselves!

Memory games

Pile of red and black playing cards.

Arkadium has free memory games that switch things up. The first round is exact matches but it gets harder with each level. Match items that belong together, colours and Greek gods to their Roman counterparts.

What would we do with fantastic memory? Manifest a picture of our study notes during exams—worth a shot!


You probably played minesweeper when you were a kid—and had no idea what you were doing. The number on the block shows how many mines are adjacent to it (including diagonal) and your goal is to flag all the mines.

Play for fun or read up on some strategy and try out a minesweeper speed run!

Word Blitz

Can’t find a good time to meet up with friends? Invite them to play a fast-paced game of Word Blitz on Facebook and Snapchat.

It’s pretty addicting.

Compete on your own time and compare scores. Test your vocabulary, create words and get the bonus fields to boost your score.

Heads Up

If you’ve ever played Heads Up, you know that it gets loud. It is available as a card game or you can download the app. Pick a category and the guesser raises their phone to their forehead, everyone gives out clues or acts it out. Our favorite categories are movies, celebrities and literature.

The larger the teams, the more chaotic! And at some point all the inside jokes of your friend group end up as clues—it’s inevitable.


You’ll need at least four people to play the boardgame or online version of Codenames. Two teams assign a spymaster who will provide one word clues that relate to the code names of various agents. This word association game will have players guessing which code name agents belong to their team.

But be careful, the spymasters also have to keep their team from accidentally contacting the assassin, who has a code name of their own.


This word guessing game challenges how creatively you can get around the word-that-shall-not-be-named! You’ll want to get your partner to say the word, while you have to avoid using five taboo words in your hints.

Ready to play Taboo? Get the board game or play online.

Peak games

Peak is a free brain training app with a variety of focus, memory and problem solving games to play solo or multiplayer. Create words, match cards and do it all with a virtual coach to track your progress.



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Scattegories unleashes your creative thinking and alliteration skills amongst friends. Did you pay attention in English class? The group draws 12 category cards and rolls a die to determine a letter. When you roll a “L”, for the celebrity category you’ll write down a celebrity name that begins with the letter “L”.

Bonus points for alliterations like Lindsay Lohan and Lucy Liu.

That’s the end for our list of the best solo and group brain games to play! Now you’ll have some great go-to games in your spare time and at the next get together!

Try out your skills and aim for a new high score. Your prize? Unlimited bragging rights.

Need some background music for your brain games? Here’s a list of IGNITE’s favorite non-lofi beats to study/relax to.

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