Toronto has something for everyone during the warm summer season!

After enduring four months of cold, chilly winter in Toronto, people can’t wait for the double-digit warm summer temperatures that are arriving in the city. I mean, let’s be honest, this past winter wasn’t even that tough.

Summer officially kicks off on June 20, 2024, and lasts until late September. During this time, daytime temperatures usually soar above 20 degrees and reach 30 degrees or higher in July.

The summer weather is perfect for outdoor activities, wouldn’t you agree?

With longer days and no snow or slushy roads to fight against, it’s time to bring out the shorts and sandals!

Throughout the summer months, Toronto offers many activities that you might find yourself trapped with choices. To help you navigate this lovely season, we’ve made a list of top summer activities you should try out:

Visit Scarborough Bluffs

Picture of Scarborough Bluffs in the summer.
Photo by Jeffrey Eisen via Unsplash.

Located on the East side of the city, the Scarborough Bluffs stretch for about 15 kilometres along Lake Ontario shore and are known for their astonishing vistas.

Torontonians love to visit the Bluffs for its remarkable spots for swimming and sunbathing, especially at parks like Bluffer’s Park, which is known for its sandy beaches.

Many visitors come with their friends for picnics, but if you don’t want to bring food, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes in the area where you can grab a meal.

The Scarborough Bluffs were formed over 12,000 years ago due to the build-up of sedimentary deposits. They were shaped by wind and water erosion from Lake Ontario, creating the amazing cliffs we see today.

Take the ferry to Toronto Islands

Picture of Toronto skyline.
Photo by Edward Koorey via Unsplash.

Have you seen all those Toronto postcard pictures? They’re usually taken from the Toronto Islands.

The Toronto Islands are a group of 15 islands interconnected just off downtown Toronto, and getting there is super easy. Just hop on a ferry at the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal and you’ll be there in about 15 minutes.

Once you’re there, you can rent a bike or easily walk because all the islands are connected. Then, it’s time to explore the five kilometres of islands from one end to the other.

There’s loads of activities to do there. You can have a relaxing day on different beaches, stroll along the boardwalks or check out the incomparable view of the city skyline. The Centreville Amusement Park is a plus, especially if you’re with younger kids – they’ve got games, rides and attractions for you to have a blast.

And when you get hungry, don’t worry, there are plenty of food options to keep you full throughout your visit. You can grab a yummy meal and a drink while taking in the amazing view. Are you feeling adventurous? You can even try canoeing or kayaking if you’re up for a dive.

Watch a Blue Jays game

Picture of the Rogers Stadium, the Toronto Blue Jays home.
Photo by Hugo Coulbouée via Unsplash.

There’s nothing more summery to do in Toronto than watching a Jays game at the Rogers Centre. And this year, fans are in for a treat as the ballpark has exciting changes.

The Rogers Centre is wrapping up the second stage of its $300-million renovation project. Among the updates is a brand new 100-level section, featuring extra legroom, cup holders and more slats on the back of the seats to provide more airflow.

Here are some tips to make your trip to the ballpark truly. If it’s your first time attending a Jays game, you can snag a first-game certificate to mark this special moment. By the way, it’s FREE!

And if you want to strike a deal, head to the ballpark on a Tuesday game, where you can get a hot dog for just a loonie. No peanuts or Cracker Jacks, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” has a new favourite snack, hot dogs!

If you score a seat on the west part of the stadium, you’ll not only watch some good baseball but you’ll also have a clear view of the CN Tower if the roof is open!

Plan a picnic day

Picture of Toronto Music Garden.
Photo by Nasciso Arellano via Unsplash.

Summer is an ideal time to organize a fun picnic day with your friends.

With the beautiful weather Toronto boasts during the summer months, there are plenty of parks to choose from for your picnic spot.

Toronto is actually a pretty green city, so why not take advantage of that? Whether you prefer the traditional beauty of High Park or the chill vibes of the Toronto Music Garden, the city has something special to offer.

Try the CN Tower EdgeWalk

If you’re an adventurous soul, you’ve got to try the EdgeWalk at the CN Tower, Toronto’s most famous building.

While you can do the EdgeWalk any time of year, the summer is usually the fan-favourite time because the weather’s nice and warm. Don’t forget the view, which is absolutely amazing.

The EdgeWalk allows you to walk outside around the edge of the CN Tower, located 1,136 feet high in the sky. It’s in the Guinness Record as the world’s highest external walk on a building.

The tickets not only include the 90-minute experience (30 minutes of which is spent walking around 116 storeys above Toronto), but you also get a video of your adventure, two printed photos, a ticket to see the rest of the tower (SkyPod included) and a certificate of achievement to show off to your friends.

Picture of Toronto skyline in the summer.
Photo by Berkay Gumustekin via Unsplash.

These are our top five activities you should totally try during the warmest season of the year. Whether you’re a sports fan, love taking good pictures or just enjoy having a good picnic with friends, Toronto has something for everyone!

Apart from all the fun summer events, Humber College and the University of Guelph-Humber will be running summer courses. And even though the campus might be quieter during this season, IGNITE is here with its doors open to help you with every aspect of your student life.

Feature image courtesy of Sandro Schuh via Unsplash.

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