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For many of us, graduation is around the corner, and you’re cherishing the last few moments of being a student by attending lectures, studying at the LRC or hanging out with friends. Although you’re patiently waiting for the semester to end, deep down, you know you’ll miss your time as a student. Not to mention, all the friends you made and the memories you shared!

It has been a journey and it’s slowly coming to an end. And there’s one thing you need to do before the BIG day. You need to take your grad photos. Yup – you heard me! Get prepared to strike a pose and take some photos.

Lucky for you, you can book your appointment with Studio Nostalgia. And if you’re worried about how they will turn out, don’t worry! We had the opportunity to learn about Brendan’s experience taking his photos. Let’s see what he has to say and what you can expect.

Meet Brendan Hamel-Smith

Brendan is listening to music and taking photos with his friends.
Photo via Brendan

Born and raised in the tropical island of Trinidad and Tobago, Brendan is a fourth year Digital Communications student. By now, I’m sure you have seen him around campus in IGNITE videos or flyers. Let’s put it this way, Brendan is one of the many faces of IGNITE. Currently, he works as a videographer, where he captures moments of you having a blast at events or pop-up activities.

For Brendan, taking grad photos was essential to celebrate his achievements. And in true Caribbean style, he needed photos to share with his friends and family back home.

After taking his photos, Brendan is happy with how they turned out. For him, it was an amazing experience. He appreciated how attentive the photographers were, ensuring he had the right angles for all his photos.

The process was simple and fast. Within a few minutes, he had taken all his photos with different poses. And before he left, he got the chance to see them. And let’s just say, he loves them!

What should you expect?

A group of graduates are throwing their graduation caps in the air.
Photo via Unsplash by Vasily Koloda

Let’s just say their service will exceed your expectations.

Once you arrive for your appointment, they will get started right away. You will show your student ID and pay your $10 cash deposit. Afterward, you’ll receive a gown and hood/v-stole based on your program. Then it’s picture time! Get ready to strike a pose.

The photographers will give you instructions regarding your angles to capture the best photos. Some of your poses will include wearing a graduation cap or holding a rolled diploma.

And before you know it, you will be done in no time. Now you might be wondering, what if I don’t like the photos? Well, before you leave, you will see the photos. And if you’re not a fan, you can always ask to retake them.

After you have taken your photos, they will be ready 48 hours later. From there, you can choose the best package that works for you!

Book your appointment now!

Image Via Studio Nostalgia

Now that you’re aware of Brendan’s experience, go ahead and book your appointment. The process is easy; create an account using your student number. Then select a date and time that works for you!

If you don’t see a date for your specific campus, don’t worry! Grad photos can be taken at any campus location. That way, you can choose an appointment that fits your schedule.

With that being said, don’t wait until it’s too late! Get those pictures before your big day.

P.S. Congratulations on finishing your studies! Within a few months, you’ll be an official graduate!

Feature image via IGNITE.

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