These graduation gifts are like no other.

Convocation is just around the corner and it’s time to celebrate the accomplishments of these amazing grads!

Humber convocation week takes place from June 13-17 and UofGH convocation takes place on June 20 and 21st.

Need some awesome, show-stopping graduation gifts that your friends will actually use? Check out our list of nifty items that’ll make a new grad’s day!

1. Bento box

Bento boxes are great for home-packed meals with their various compartments. Plus, double-layered bento boxes provide a lot of food storage to keep new grads energized in the workplace!

There are plenty of stylish options for hot and cold food.

2. Desk storage accessories

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Storage organizers are perfect to bring into any workspace. New grads probably would have bought themselves a set from Amazon, but now they’re covered! Get everything from file organizers to cups for pens and thumbtacks.

Plus, it’ll bring a pop of personalization to their workspace.

3. Keychain tracker

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New grads are on the go all the time. Don’t let them misplace their keys, wallet or bags with a handy keychain tracker. Some options are Apple AirTags or Tile trackers.

It’ll save them from extra anguish, tears and panic while they’re settling into their new jobs and roles.

4. Thank you cards

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Thank you and greeting cards aren’t a super obvious gift. But a classy set will come in handy when they need to send a thank you to clients, colleagues and those in their social circle.

Writing on napkins doesn’t quite cut it anymore—although it is the thought that counts.

5. Coffee maker

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It’s time to help new grads save money and get them up in the morning. Whether they favour a quick and easy French press or a Starbucks experience latte, a coffee maker will be put to use every day.

Tack on a travel mug and tumbler so they can bring their drinks to work and be envied by all.

6. Instant pot

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Instant pots and slow cookers will help new grads cook and prepare some delicious warm meals. Plus, who doesn’t love to save time when cooking? We want to fast forward to the eating!

Maybe an instant pot isn’t their thing? Pick out a nice rice cooker or air fryer to jazz up their evening meals.

7. Cookware

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When new grads first moved out they likely brought a mismatched set of cookware stolen from their parent’s house. Some of it is microwave and stove top safe, some we’re…not entirely sure.

A nice set of durable cookware practically screams “new graduate!”

8. Meal kit subscription

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This is a little push that will help new grads begin cooking. Or, it’ll help them transition to a work-life balance with easy to prep meals.

Subscription options like HelloFresh and Blue Apron allow you to select the type of meal, portion and serving sizes, and deliver to their door.

Remember that quote from Ratatouille? “Anyone can cook,” with some meal prep help.

9. Robot vacuum

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We probably all want a WALL-E, but we’ll have to settle for a robot vacuum. Speedy, efficient, kind of like a dog but cleans up the messes?

10. Laundry iron

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Gone are the days where the whole student house shared one laundry iron (and half the time it wouldn’t work). Get some crisp pleats and unwrinkled sheets with this simple gift to graduate into adulthood.

Found the perfect gift? Wrap it up and let everyone know which item you’ve claimed from our list of graduation gifts.

Commemorate the glorious moment by making your friends pose with their new bento box and coffee maker as if they were flowers. These are the convocation photos we deserve.

And congratulations to all the new graduates!

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