Where does your musical compass point?

There are few things in life that I’m unapologetically proud of: wearing black every single day, knowing all the words to “Rap God” by Eminem and having the ability to find a song for any mood I’m in.

Going through a breakup and wanting the world to swallow me whole? Cue the heartbreak playlist that understands my pain. And when I’ve had enough of the self-pity party, it’s time to switch gears to the ultimate girl boss playlist – a fusion of rap and phonk that gets me in the groove.

Penguin at a club enjoying the song
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Our playlists define our moods and personalities per-fect-ly, and to help you expand your taste even further, we’re introducing a quiz that’ll link you up with a Rich the Kid or Mariah the Scientist song that’s practically your musical twin!

Whether you’re hustling hard or finding zen in sunsets, there’s a song for everyone.

Imagine listening to these artists LIVE on stage at the IGNITE Concert 2023. Sing along to songs that are so you!

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Get your ticket for the IGNITE Concert 2023 today and join IGNITE on Sept. 12 at 7 p.m. at Universal EventSpace for the biggest kickoff to the year! Enjoy free non-alcoholic beverages, strike a pose, and get a chance to win exclusive IGNITE swag.

See you there!

Looking to snap some pics at the concert? Here’s how to take better photos with your phone.

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