From all-nighters to diplomas— we have officially made it!

It’s your final year and you’re trying to savour each moment. Whether it’s hanging out with your classmates, going to lectures or attending social events, before you know it, it’s going to be graduation day. The day you have been waiting and dreaming for.

While the big day is slowly approaching, there are still few things to check off from your checklist like getting a graduation outfit, inviting your family or friends, and most importantly, getting your pictures taken.

Graduation is also the best time to get the most iconic and funniest pictures. To help you commemorate your special day and create some iconic grad photos, we searched the Internet for inspiration. Here are some of the funniest grad photos we found!

Hanging by a pole

A college graduate is taking photos with her parents. She is hanging onto a poll with help from her parents. (Internet)
via Pinterest

Family – or friends who feel like family – are a big part of the celebration. It only makes sense to create some iconic photos with them, right? You don’t have to go to the extremes like this graduate hanging by a pole, but having some fun with funny faces and poses can add a touch of humor to your graduation memories.

Interest is coming

A graduate is wearing a custom hat that says "Game of loans, interest is coming soon." (Internet)
via Ebaum’s world

“Game of Loans” is set to release soon.

Let’s be honest, post-secondary is expensive, so it made sense for this graduate to derive inspiration from the financial sacrifice they will be making after graduation paying back their loans.

Be your own cheerleader

The ceremony is finished and a graduate is walking out with prop sign of his face, in his hand.
via Ebaum’s world

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being your own cheerleader. And just like this graduate, having a giant face prop sign is the way to go. I mean, if you stayed awake long nights completing assignments and applying for internships you deserve to celebrate yourself.

Unleash your superpower

A graduate is wearing a Superman outfit underneath her graduation gown.
via Aubtu

Managing deadlines, internships, and a social life is not easy. If you’ve been juggling all these responsibilities during your post-secondary journey, by now, you should be feeling like Superman, having gained the superpower of tenacity throughout your semesters.

And if your friends are big fans of DC movies, consider adding some DC props to your photos for an extra fun touch.

I’m done

A graduate along with her little brother are taking photos. Both of them are holding signs which says "I'm done" and "I'm not." (Internet)
via Aubtu

“I’m done, but I’m not.” Sounds like any younger sibling, right? They’re usually happy for you but also sad they’re still in school.

Just like this graduate, you can purchase customized signs for your photos. It will add another layer of creativity to your photos. Additionally, you can buy them from popular online stores or even make your own.

Now that you’re aware of the funniest grad photos on the Internet, go ahead and brainstorm ideas for your epic photos.

Graduation photos

A graduate is smiling and posing for her grad photos.  (Internet)
via Unsplash

Even though graduation is months away, it’s essential that you’re prepared ahead of time. Don’t wait until the last minute to take your grad photos!

Don’t worry about finding a photographer – we’ve done that for you! Did you know you can take graduation photos at Lakeshore and North campuses? With the help of Studio Nostalgia, you can book an appointment for your graduation photos today. It’s a really simple process, and the Studio Nostalgia team is sure to make you feel comfortable throughout your photoshoot. Here’s everything you need to know:

  • Book your appointment
  • Don’t forget to bring $10 (cash deposit) and your student number on the day of the appointment

You can even bring props too! Whether it’s a mini flag or a fun sign, you can be creative while taking your photos. For more information and to make an appointment, visit the Studio Nostalgia booking website.

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